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Brightery Logo

Brightery changed the logo more than once, for improving the experience of clients.

Brightery logo 2015

Brightery's first logo was designed 2015, it was reflecting the circle of integration to make sense for end-user.

Logo Colors:

Main color: #7d92cd, RGB(125, 39, 80)
Minor color: #ffab0a, RGB(255, 171, 10)

Brightery logo 2016

Brightery logo 2017

Brightery logo in 2017 was changed to fit the real idea, Brightery means that bright idea and we -humans- identify the idea symbol with lamp. with the "B" Letter and "R" letter inside the lamp.

Logo Colors:

Main color: #7d92cd, RGB(125, 39, 80)
Minor color: #ffab0a, RGB(255, 171, 10)

Brightery logo 2017

Brightery logo 2018

In 2018, Brightery logo changed again to be curved and smooth than it was before. And colors became black

Logo Colors:

Main color: #1b1c1d, RGB(27, 28, 29)

Brightery logo 2018


The leading marketing agency and software hub, The Headquarter is in El-Segundo, CA, US. Started in late 2015 with software development services. Then it became one of the best marketing agencies and software hubs in the world for affordable prices and good quality.

Founded by 10 members and in late 2017 only two members remains in brightery, Brightery was partly sold to some investors and started its first expansion plan in 2018.


In 2015, a whole team gathered and made the first Brightery team for software development. About 10 Developers, Marketing specialists and graphic designers were together.
The same year this team added more people to make more difference to the world, Teams changed, morals and even vision and mission.
Brightery leading the marketing tools market One year later, Brightery started with a new bigger, Better team to invade the marketing tools market and create the first product for this purpose (Brightery Facebook Business Scraper) the basic version and this was the first legal business scraper on the whole internet, giving information for marketers about the audience base they could target and make sales.
Then Brightery started producing more than application, enhanced the business scraper, made the Twitter bot, Brightery CRM, Brightery Customer reaction, Brightery CMS... etc

Brightery meanings

Is a word that does not exist in English language derived from word "Bright", It is a reflection of the intelligence of the ideas and their ability to be truth. 

Brightery Branches

Locations brightery having a branch currently:

Head Quarter

Main St,
El-Segundo, California, USA

New York branch

NewYork, USA

San Francisco branch

Marietta Dr
San Francisco, CA, USA

Ireland branch

Grosvenor Rd
Rathmines, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Kuwait branch

Branch is underconstruction

Cairo branch

New Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

Alexandria branch

Stanly, Alexandria, Egypt

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