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Beginning photography tips with examples

Get all the photography tips for beginners in this post and learn how to photograph in low-cost with high quality beginning photography tips for all types of photography, photography tips portrait or landscape.Beginning photography tips with examplesIn this post, we're going to show you low-cost techniques and… Read More


Get a million dollars company from a start-up

How to make your local business or small business become one million dollars company, in this post, we're going to help you with choosing marketing digital agency, what is email marketing digital agency, how to make designing agency or even graphic designing agency, and even how to get consulting for… Read More


Ways to empower school with the school website and application

How to empower school with a school website, and how can school web site increase your profit. In this post, we're going to give you tips about school application and how to make amazing results through school mobile applications.Ways to empower school with the school… Read More


Average sales increase per year V.S. How to double sales

Get enough knowledge about sales increase and how to increase sales for your business, how to calculate the average sales increase per year and how to double sales for this year, How to gain more sales.Average sales increase per year V.S. How to double salesThere is… Read More


Notes to self best notes app for android, PC, and IOS

Notes to self and notes making on digital devices and free to use from brightery notes taking app are making better notes app for android, for chrome, and more, notes writer gives you the ability to save the world, Save treesNotes to self best notes app for android,… Read More


The Easy Guide to B2B and B2B Marketing

The B2B Marketing, What is B2B mean for you? and how to deal with B2B Marketing, how to deal with B2B Companies and B2B marketing? Learn more about B2B companies and marketing.The Easy Guide to B2B and B2B MarketingIt's a painful thing to get an… Read More


Explanation tips why having a website is important

The explanation tips on why having a website is important? and why having your own website? The benefits of having website and what is the use of website for a business and what is the usage of a website for personal, Learn more about websites and web importance.Explanation tips… Read More


Business goals & Business Tips for your Business Growth

There are some quick and better business tips to get your business goals and to reach your business growth. what are the lies you should get stuck to, How to make your small business growth and Why can you hire a company for your business growth consultant.Business goals &… Read More

Online Marketing

Tips you need to know about Creator Studio for YouTube

Learn everything about creator studio classic, New creator studio for youtube, And How to use youtube creator studio and the use of creator studio youtube to get more audience and make more traffic.Tips you need to know about Creator Studio for YouTubeWe've been talking about Facebook Creator studio and… Read More


international day of charity

What is the international day of charity, and when it comes every year? Helping others, helping poor, and making the world a better place with charity and charity day reminds you of it. Join humanity day, The international charity day of charityHelping poor, and helping… Read More


Ways to Increase revenue with building eCommerce web site

In this post, we're going to help you understand the process of design eCommerce web site, even how to develop and building eCommerce web site, And what is eCommerce business, and what does eCommerce mean? and what are the ways to increase revenue?Ways to Increase revenue with building… Read More


Academic advertising gives you 100% better results while hiring agency advertising your business

What is academic advertising and why it's giving better results +100% than just advertising, why you need to learn more before hiring an agency advertising your business and advertising on face book, what is the right combination of brand awareness advertising and youtube advertising... etc.Academic… Read More


A Full report with the most important blog post, blog news posted in August 2019

A Full report with the most important blog post, blog news posted in August 2019A full report including all important posts was posted in the brightery blog in the period of August 2019. Get a quick look at the complete report! Is WordPress still the best… Read More

Social Media Management

Things you need to know about facebook creator studio

Facebook Creator Studio, Facebook created a new facebook creator studio app, This application allows you to manage posts, comments and more, what is facebook creator studio? and what's the features included, facebook creator studio monetization and how to use Creator studio for facebook.Things you need to know about facebook creator… Read More

Web Development

The Creative social media agency from the top 10 companies in world

From the top 10 companies in the world find the best creative social media agency and start understanding the way and process you choose a social media agency from the world's top 10 companies. Learn more about the best top 10 companies in worldThe Creative social media agency… Read More


Amazing ideas for healthy breakfast at work

How did brightery increase employee health and enhanced health work fitness at work, Get ideas for healthy breakfast. In this post, ideas for a healthy breakfast, tips, and tricks to keep your mental and physical health.Amazing ideas for healthy breakfast at workWe've been thinking about our work colleagues and… Read More


What is Digital Marketing & the Importance of Local Online Marketing

local online marketing and what is digital marketing, How can you hire an agency digital marketing specialized and does this better to hire a digital marketing company and get digital marketing consultant or you can do it your self.What is Digital Marketing & the Importance of… Read More


Tips of How to choose software companies providing software as a service

What do software companies do to create software applications, And what are software creator processes and software development life cycle is? All that you need to learn and know about companies producing software as a service and software solution in this post.Tips of How to choose software companies providing software as… Read More


what is a feminist mean? And can a female be a business owner?

what is a feminist mean and what is the feminist movement? can women in business do more than people expect? and how does brightery help women? what is the second wave feminism made? and how was the feminist movement important?What is a feminist mean? And can a female… Read More

Web Development

The Ultimate Guide to understanding user experience design

What is the user experience UX and user experience definition, How can we understand and design user experience? and how can we understand user needs to improve the user experience. All that you need to learn about UX design.The Ultimate Guide to understanding user experience designWhat is the User… Read More

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What is cloud hosting 2019 guide

Web HostingWhat is Web Hosting?Web hosting defined as the service that allows enterprises and individuals to upload a website or web page and make it live on the Internet.Host, or web hosting service provider, is a company that provides the technologies and services needed for…

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Business Advice

What is magento? which companies use it?

MagentoMagento logoMagento is well known open-source script to build E-Commerce platform, It was written in PHP like most of the common Content management systems.HistoryIt was originally developed by Varien Inc a company based in Palo Alto, California. Varien published the first actual general stable release of the software on March…

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eCommerce web development - Self Hosted eCommerce CMS

According to the list of posts, we're going to publish in the next upcoming days for helping those who want to create their eCommerce website or start eCommerce web development process. This post is going to talk about the eCommerce CMS.eCommerce web developmenteCommerce website is the…

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