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Job Code: #SSE2

Type: full-time

  • We are looking for a dedicated and customer oriented Senior Sales Representative to lead sales and lead our sales team. Responsibilities of the Senior Sales Representative include analyzing industry trends to identify opportunities for company improvement, ensuring that customers are satisfied with purchased company products or services, and providing account plans and sales reports to senior management. You should also be able to resolve customer complaints in a timely manner.
  • To succeed as a senior sales manager, you must be persuasive and able to build rapport with customers. Finally, an excellent senior sales manager must be adept at negotiating sales terms with customers and demonstrate exceptional communication, leadership and customer service skills.

Skills:Maintain strong relationships with key customers to ensure consistent sales revenue. Identifying promising prospects through cold calling, networking and client referrals. We ensure that all sales management and customer service run smoothly. Providing general guidance to newly recruited sales representatives. Keeping accurate records of total sales, potential and current customers, and estimates of sales performance. Help new or less experienced sales representatives answer technical questions from customers. Analyzing sales metrics to determine if current sales strategies are effective. Conducting in-depth research on competitors' products, prices and market performance to gain an understanding of customer preferences and interests.

Experience:0 - 4 Years

Opening: 10