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Story of brightery

2016 - Year Founded

It was a year of surprises when the founders of the company decided to establish a company of their own, investing the capabilities of developers for the benefit of companies and the development of programs and websites, This year was the first year of the company's founding and became the company's most amazing start. This year, the company experienced many difficulties and problems, But we've made it.

2017 - The leading marketing tools creators

Was the first version of the program to scrap customer data and became one of the best companies in the world in the issuance of this type of software and has been raised on the throne of sales and has made many sales in this area in a short time either on its platform or through other electronic platforms, The company expanded its scope to a global company, where it started to establish several other branches in different parts of the world. These branches started in the United States, where they started in Florida, USA, then New York, United States. Not only did we stop at that point, but we were determined to issue many powerful programs. Through a team from all over the world that included many nationalities in the world, we became the best companies in development and design around the world and the number of companies helping the success of the company is increasing. growth

2018 - The current

We are still on a long journey, but we are now with many international and multinational companies as customers, partners of success and a stronger and stronger team than ever before. We will never stop there. We promise the world with more powerful services, reasonable pricing and great customer service.

Whats next?

Stay tuned, And wait for the progress.
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