About us
The Story

In 2015, a whole team gathered and made the first Brightery team for software development. About 10 Developers, Marketing specialists and graphic designers were together.

The same year this team added more people to make more difference to the world, Teams changed, morals and even vision and mission.

Brightery leading the marketing tools market

One year later, Brightery started with a new bigger, Better team to invade the marketing tools market and create the first product for this purpose (Brightery Facebook Business Scraper) the basic version and this was the first legal business scraper on the whole internet, giving information for marketers about the audience base they could target and make sales.

Then Brightery started producing more than application, enhanced the business scraper, made the Twitter bot, Brightery CRM, Brightery Customer reaction, Brightery CMS... etc

Brightery and new journey

2018 Brightery were sold, Most of the first generation founders left to start their own new Start-ups using their experience with brightery, Not all of them but most them left and this is how brightery started a brand new journey and new branches were opened.


Brightery has a branch in almost every continent: Africa, Asia, America and Europe. We're not going to stop there and going to add new branches.


Brightery hired different races, colors and nationalities. We're almost having so different amazing culture our selves that makes us in the top of the peace world. Brightery could prove that everyone can work in a team with other experts whatever he was, and his culture is.

This is what we call it:




All of our services can be summarized in one thing: serving companies and individuals to improve their level and level of appearance in the internet. We believe that what is not exist on the Internet is not existing at all.



Creating solutions is one of the most important things we offer, we make the best solutions for all large companies and building specialized programs, Custom programs and even huge software.

Brightery website design and web application service


We've built products in every category you can imagine, developed and Enhanced. If you want to learn more about brightery products you can visit store Store.



If you have any problem, Legal problem or even request you can contact us through Contact page.