Brightery Hospital

What is Brightery Hospital

Brightery Hospital isn't just a full integrated hospital system, it supports also Clinics and (Big/Mid/Small) Sized Treatment Centers, it helps hospital manager or the doctor to manage his own center or clinic in a simple and easy way, It should also help in many ways and giving many features.

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Key Features


8 Account Types

8 Account types to make the everything work, And get sure it's making the right progress.


Notice Board

Month/Week/Day Notice Board You can export or print.


Offline & Online Payments

Offline and online payments. You can make manually or automaticly through the internet.



Create/Modify/Remove any department and assign doctors to your department.



Watch All Payments, Blood Bank, Bed Allotment, Blood Donor, Medicine, Operation Report, Birth reports and death reports.


Hospital monitor

Super Admin could watch, Edit and remove any single thing in the intire system.

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permission in system
For Patient

We gave the patient many features such as:
  • Watch his appointments.
  • Apply for new appointments.
  • Watch or print or export his Prescriptions.
  • See doctor details.
  • Admit History.
  • Operation History.
  • Invoices.
  • Message the doctor or staff.

Why to choose Brightery Hospital

Many reasons to choose brightery hospital to manage your place. And those reasons we simplify to:

Works online

With very low cost you can run owr platform on hosting and make it online to make reservations and help patients feel easir to reach you.

Works Offline

With very low cost you can run owr platform on hosting and make it online to make reservations and help patients feel easir to reach you.

Works with any Platform

Our platform based on web technology, So it works on both Mac and Windows and any type or version of pcs.

brightery Hospital works on any browser

Works with any Type of hospital or clinic

It offers a variety of medical specialties with the possibility of managing any type of hospital or clinic.

Detailed Reports

reports that covers everything in your place (Hospital or treatment center or even clinic), It's detailed, Amazing and exportable.

Patients History

Save your all patients personal data, past medical history, related statements and follow-ups, it gives you a simple workflow so you can focus on patients without compromising on care.

Patients SMS Marketing

Use your patients data like Email Address for marketing purposes, And Their phone numbers for SMS marketing that you could integrate and use.

Easy, Fast And Flexable

Out platform was created to be flexable to suit everyone, Fast as it could be and also Easy to use.

Well Secured

Flatform is totally secured and amazing to work with, keeps the data online or offline where no one could reach.