Embedded Systems & Automation

Brightery is giving you all what you need for your automated systems and automation, With the hands of experts in IT engineers and electric engineers we've got a special team to make your things done.

Brightery also, has completed an industry-leading many individual commercial-scale solar generation projects across several states and countries. Our team has unmatched experience when it comes to the design, Install and commissioning of commercial solar generation.

Our proven process consists of selecting and securing optimum sites for solar generation, proposing project specifications that maximize value and production, delivers what is promised and sometimes more, and maintains a relationship after construction is complete.

  • Utility Owned Generation:
    We coordinate with utilities and customers to identify and develop cost-effective generation sites.
  • Private Generation:
    Generating electricity on-site means cleaner, cheaper options and reducing your demand for electricity from the grid.
  • Solar Consulting:
    Brightery can assist in pre-construction and construction planning as well as post-commissioning inspection and punch list review.