Smart home & Office

Control everything in smart way and make it easier.
This service is still limited to some areas, You can't get the service if you're out of service range.
Smart Home

Smart home with more possibilities that you can take advantage of such as remote control, automatic control, receiving voice commands and even artificial intelligence.

Brightery can do it for you easily and effectively, just reach us and we'll help you with a whole team of professionals.

Smart Office

Control your company, your store remotely without having to visit the place, watch and hear and control everything from afar as if you were there.

Use modern technology to help you know how things are done easier, and improve the form of service and the needs of your employees and customers.


Internal systems

Our system is structured in a coherent and powerful way. We make a complete network to achieve the best results for your organization.


Lights/Sound/Cameras control

See, hear and control fully, move between your rooms, control the level of light and sound and send commands remotely.


Remote services

You can see everything that concerns you and your customers and your company through this internal system and more control.


Get easy life and so sweet features with no suffering at all, With brightery.

Home, Office

With one click you can change, Add or do whatever you want with your lights, systems and more.


Watch your employees, Hear them, Get sure everything is going in the correct path without going there at all.