brightery customer reaction software

Customer Reaction

brightery customer reaction is the best customer satisfaction software for metering and making analytics for customer feedback in real time, It was made for any type of business to collect information about your clients and customers and get their own feed back for your services.

What is Customer satisfaction and why i use a software?

Based on Smiley faces feedback solution makes capturing and analyzing real time feedback easy, With 4 emotions you can save time and money to focus on making measurable and business successful improvements.

  1. Happy: User is happy and having no problem with your own service or product.
  2. Satisfied: Your service is fair for customer and good enough.
  3. Bad: Had problems or felt a little bad or even there's something missing.
  4. Angry: Bad service or products.

Once your customer make his review through your terminal device and choose his own feeling about your services/products, You can watch those reviews through your own admin dashboard.

Customer Reaction Software Features

unlike other customer satisfaction software you might find, brightery customer reaction software has many strength points than any other other software, Such as:

Compatibility of terminal Application

Software is almost compatible with all types of devices and software types and operating system.

Easy to login dashboard

Cloud dashboard you can access anywhere, anytime.

Skins and themes

Skins and themes for icons, backgrounds and designs are important to make business owner more comfortable, More than one skin to fit all types and needs.

Ability to collect data and reuse

Your client could have the choice to leave his personal contact or not, Leave a message that you can see or not.

Website reviews

You can also put your website review to collect both offline and online feedback from customers.

brightery customer reaction software


brightery customer reaction software is almost compatible with all types of smart devices such as:

  • Apple iPads
  • Android Tablets

Almost compatible with all screen sizes and resolutions.

App doesn't use more than 30 MB of total rams, and even if you lost electricity of your device it never blow the battery life with so lite usage.

Benefits of using Customer Reaction Software for owner

Weak points uncovered

Uncover your business weak points with your customer feedback and comments they leave you, make more difference with enhancing your business.

Customer better experience

Customer gets brand new experience to increase customer loyalty and improve his/her visit.

Increase loyalty and referrals

Once your customer feel you care, you get more loyalty and referrals as word of tongue advertising.

Enhance brand reputation

When you give away the ability for your customer to leave feedback message you get more reputation, and fame.

Grow revenue

More Happy customers means more reputation and more cash in the long run.

Benefits of using Customer Reaction Software for customer


Customer will trust your, your business and your services after crossing your perfect journey with. Good customer feedback increase the trust.

increase loyalty

Getting more offers, Solving customer problems and good after sale relations increases your customer loyalty.



What are you waiting for? 

Get your free version of brightery customer reaction before it become paid again


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