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Brightery Facebook Business Scraper v5 released

Brightery facebook business scraper released

Brightery released a new brightery facebook business scraper application to reach your audience and scrap your target audience data from facebook legaly.

What is brightery facebook business scraper

Targeting a certain category of customers is very difficult for any company or small or even large enterprise and therefore this program was developed by our developers in brightery to get targeted results and to end the competition by reaching the best results.

  • The program can easily scrap the target customer data from pages and groups and by re-targeting them you will reach your goals.
  • By creating target audience, you can re-target customers whose data has been collected through the program.
  • You will not wait too long for data to be collected for your clients.

Why should i use it?

  1. The previous program of Brightery, Brightery Facebook business scrapermade more than fifteen thousand sales over a year and a half or less.
  2. More Proffesional marketers in the world are using the program and have left positive reviews about it.
  3. The program has been reprogrammed and sold to marketing companies in more than 30 countries around the world.
  4. There is no scraper is could be alive, Better than brightery's scrapers <3

About Brightery

If you do not know much about brightery, we are a startup company founded in 2016 and we have done many programs and provided many services to customers from all over the world.
So far, we have established 6 branches in 4 different countries that allowed us to reach as many partnerships and clients as possible to help them build the technical part of their companies.

Our main services

Marketing Solutions

  1. Social media management.

  2. Social Advertising.

  3. Graphic design.

  4. Photography.

  5. Video edit.

  6. Email marketing.

  7. Whatsapp marketing.

  8. SMS marketing.

Development Solutions

  1. Website design
  2. Website development
  3. E-Commerce
  4. Scripts development
  5. Mobile Apps
  6. System development

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