Build your personal website now for free, In this post we're going to educate you how to build a free website. No payments, No credit cards or personal information needed.

How to build a free website

First of all, When you shuffle the web to build a website for free you never find a well theme, Easy to edit and free to build your website without ads or other payments.

All you need is Brightery Free Website builder, Why?

How to build a free website

1- Free

If you need to use it and pay no charges, that's totally available, with no problems, No Credit cards required and no hidden payments or ads.

2- Different Templates

More than +25 different templates are ready and easy to use to build your own website. New updated templates every month..

3- One Account through all platforms.

Brightery Free website builder is available on

Brightery Free website builder available on web

Available on web:

Available to work on web with any type of browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera... etc) and it's also easy and quick to be used

Brightery Free website builder available on google playstore

Available on Android Play Store:

We built you an android application so you can create a website for free using this app through your phone easy and fast with no problems at all. We recommend using a Tablet/phone on landscape mode.

Brightery Free website builder available on chrome extension store

Available on Chrome extensions store:

And we've made a simple amazing chrome extension to let you easy use and create a website for free through your chrome, update any time, keep it with you all the time.

4- Free To register

Brightery Free website builder is available to register, don't need any high security information or even a credit card, Brighterydon't charge people without their own permission.

5- No advertising

It's free, But with no advertising or annoying pop ups, unlimited space with unlimited usage.

build a free website

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