Hello, you might wonder why a business fails easy and fast, and why not all the businesses that comes online become huge and fast-growing. In this post, we're going to help you out with tips and tricks that will permanently fail business, literally any business!

Hello, you might wonder why a business fails easy and fast, and why not all the businesses that comes online become huge and fast-growing. In this post, we're going to help you out with tips and tricks that will permanently fail business, literally any business!

Why business Success?

To be honest not every new idea become famous, and not every good idea success, and for this exact situation we can give you more examples:

Facebook wasn't the first.

did you ever wonder why Facebook became that famous company you can notice now? the truth is Facebook become a part of everyone's daily life just like (food, drinks, and breathing itself).

If you came out with a better Facebook (a social media platform) with a good concept you won't success just like Facebook. and for example Google plus! made by googling one of the largest world companies and no one used it!

even when you buy a new android phone you can find it installed, even when you're already using Gmail as your major mail client... even when.. I think you got the idea already!

And now we clearly understand that:

You can't have the same results of success because you've created a good project!

Now you know, you may do all the right steps and never get a good result, what if you're doing it wrong in the first place?

Business is Risky

Business is risky and it's not everyone's thing, but if you're in business and looking forward to making your business grow, you should do these things carefully if you're planning and targeting to fail in business and these aren't so complicated.

1. Just do the thing.

One of the most amazing ways to fail in business is just to do things, without calculations or keeping priorities on the top of your lists.

following the flow is simple and easy, also it's good for your business if you're targeting to fail business you're working on.

2. Insights and analysis? that's Geeky!

how to fail business in simple amazing step? just forget about insights and analysis.. analysis and insights are taking so much time and they're giving you exact numbers for your business you can work on to improve or use to choose your targets and know where exactly you are!

Want to fail business easily? Just forget about making sales analysis, and forget about having insights.

3. Bad photography or no photography at all.

why most business fail especially online businesses? the key answer to this question is Photography!

For Example:

This is a photo of an apple, what do you think?

Both are the same product, having the same background, the difference in the lighting and focus.. making your products looking good is easy, but you should always keep in mind that your customers don't know how your products are looking in real-life!

And trust me, they shouldn't be better than the pictures, but they should look better or even showing the same quality and size in pictures.

4. Don't be online at all

Not being online at all is a great deal for failing your business, you can't imagine how could it help you fail in business with this. not being online at all makes it easier for 4.72 billion living humans around the world to never hear about you! what a great deal, isn't it?

5. Choose the ready to fail business ideas

Selling wine for Jewish and Muslims (they don't actually drink wine), luxury apartments in congo (they're the poorest company in the world), Selling the latest fashion for a cheap price for the ZOLO tribes in Africa (they don't actually wear many clothes) are the most stupid and ready to fail business ideas for your business.

Choosing the wrong field or type of business, choosing the ready to fail business ideas is so useful, and even choosing a business without making a business model or real market search before kickstarting can be useful for fail in business and lose all your money.

Why most business fail , and how to stop it?

These aren't the only ways why a business fails but they're pretty enough for making it easier and faster to fail in business and waste money as well.

And for the answer to your question: why most business fail we should answer it with the following answer.

it's easy to create a new business, all you need is an idea, some money you can lend from friends or family (you will lose later) and never get back. but making a business successful need more efforts than just starting one.

according to statists, the Number of business establishments less than 1-year-old in the United States, March 1994 to March 2020 grew from 569,419 to 804,398 business.. Can you imagine this? [Source]

Establishing a huge number of businesses is easy, but does it really give you back the results you've been looking for? can a business grow without planning and making this plan come true? exactly this is the reason why a business fails and that's why you can see the huge number of businesses.

So many .. Really really many.. businesses arrive each day, but none of them grows, focus, work properly according to plan.


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