Public Relations

As a leading marketing company, we believe that public relations is the first step toward customer conversion. Building online credibility for your company can be difficult if you have problems with brand recognition.

Public relations agency

Perhaps your company name appears at the top of search engine results, but it is negative press.

The  strong agency provides public relations services to help businesses build brand equity through keyword-rich content.

It increases the value of your brand name through press channels and authoritative, trusted outlets using this method.

Online public relations is a growing trend that is not going away anytime soon.

The way your audience perceives you in the global market is determined by news coverage and press distribution.

Moreover, journalists use search engines to carry out primary research on your business - what will they find when they search for your name?

Allow Udjat to serve as your digital PR agency in order to create meaningful PR marketing content.

  1. The Advantages of Public Relations
  2. Improve your online presence
  3. Become easily recognisable.

Online public relations allows you to control what people see it when they search for your company online.

You can dominate the marketplace and control the information users see when searching for your brand by creating valuable, researched digital content.

Announce company news and events


We can write keyword-rich press releases to drive traffic to your website while also focusing attention on important company news.

Third-party coverage is significant, and press releases can revolve around topic areas such as new product launches, significant promotional events, and other news that can be used to create interesting content.

Create a buzz

In the case of new product launches or the provision of new services, our content marketers and Public Relations consultants will devise strategic plans of action to generate a viral buzz across the web.

We will identify relevant press networks, forums, and blogs to target for strategic advertising strategies.

Then we distribute meaningful, valuable press releases to all of the appropriate channels.

SEO improvements

Our wealth of useful content can be strategically linked back to your site.

Increased referral traffic and authority, and high-quality backlinks are used in our online PR services to improve the ranking performance of relevant keywords.

Users will be encouraged to visit your website either directly or indirectly through search engine results.

Online public relations is more than just sending out new press releases once a month.

Communication and relationship building are important aspects of public relations campaigns.

We connect you with the appropriate channels, regardless of your industry.

What Do We Do?

Udjat has observed the results of action-oriented public relations consulting services.With well-written and distributed press releases, your company can increase sales, increase visibility, and gain new customers.

Don't pass up the opportunities they may highlight.

So, what role do we play?

We begin by reviewing your company's current reputation, website, social media presence, and other media-related content. We create an editorial calendar once we have a good idea of where your company is and, ideally, where it should be headed. We keep an eye on your company's latest information and events that will be of interest during the content writing stage. Our professional insight and background enable us to monitor your brand for press opportunities in a unique way. To be effective, press releases must be informative, compelling, relevant, and, most importantly, well-placed.Udjat will adhere to distribution outlets' strict guidelines in order for content to reach the public as quickly and effectively as possible. Your SEO-optimized content will increase your rankings as well as your reputation. More press means more leads, so don't wait for the press to come to you. Brightery has a track record of providing coverage for measurable results.

Are You Ready for a Career in public Relations?

Without a hesitation, public relations are critical to staying ahead of the competition. But what if you send a lot of traffic to a website that isn't ready yet?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides your website with the foundation it requires to convert incoming traffic. It is not enough to provide a good product or service. You must show search engines like Google and Bing that you are a relevant brand. Without SEO, online public relations may not be as effective as you would like. For example, if you don't have Google Analytics placed on your website, how can you say where your traffic is coming from and if your press releases are effective? Besides that, public relations marketing services will only get you so far if your website is not SEO-optimized for the keywords you want. You will gain market recognition, but you may not rank as high as your competitors. So, we strongly advise you to take advantage of everything search engine optimization has to offer. SEO and online public relations management collaborate to create a self-sustaining marketing plan that can be enhanced with other campaigns such as social media marketing as well as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. If you believe your business is prepared for the right kind of press, contact Udjat, one of the top PR agencies, nowadays.


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