What is twitter bot?

Twitter Bot

Twitter bot is a piece of bot software that control one or more than Twitter account via the Twitter API. Bots may autonomously perform actions such as tweeting, re-tweeting, favorite tweets, following, unfollow or direct messaging other accounts.

Automation of accounts is governed by a set of automation rules that outline proper and improper uses of automation according to twitter terms of condition / Privacy and polices. Like any other terms you should make limits, there's violating user privacy and anti-Spamming concept.

How do you make a Twitter bot?

There's many ways to create your own bot, But the best and easiest way is to use Brightery Twitter bot app, That allows you create unlimited bots, Manage unlimited accounts and make your best results for engagement.

Are twitter bots legal?

If your bot doesn't violate any of terms and conditions, make no spamming content and tweets, It's ok to have your own twitter bots and make those bots control your own account and automation work goes on.

What percent of twitter is bots?

New York Times suggested that up to 15% of Twitter's user base could be bots.

Why should i use bots? 

Automation is most important thing lately, going to have so much from the current market share and artificial intelligence is the up-coming new global interest.

We're working according algorithms and data, And bots is artificial intelligence that help your business growth and giving more attention.

Brightery Twitter bot

What is Brightery Twitter Bot?

Brightery Twitter bot is an artificial intelligence application was made to twitter automation with your business account with no problems with so much options and features to work on the platform as desired, A ready to use platform and application was made to manage a twitter account or accounts and make different bots to make different operations.

Why Brightery Twitter bot is better than other bots?

The program was completed in 2016 and has been released as beta version for at least four years so far. The project management team was not able to confirm the project's strength and its ability to affect the e-community after the beta version released were tested by some of our customers and partners, And were sure that's no bugs of problems inside the program it self.

Brightery and the development team will pay attention to the project's visuals, User interface and user experience according to the current market needs in the coming days and develop its interface and speed in the implementation of the orders required and facilitate the process of interaction with the end-user easily.

It's totally useful and easy to use, and you can do whatever you want using it such as:

  • Add different twitter accounts
  • Add Different tweets and tweet sets with variations 
  • Make unlimited bots
  • Choose bot timing (Start date - End date) 


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A brilliant IT Manager at Brightery, So clever and always right. In love with robots, technologies, And making anything speak!

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