What is Affiliate Marketing 2019

We define Affiliate marketing as a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more than one affiliates for each visitor or each customer purchase by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.

In other definition, It's co-operation working flow between (affiliate marketer - company - customer) to gain money in the win-win situation on the internet or even in the offline real life.

Affiliate marketing


When someone asks you What is Affiliate Marketing, You try to give him an easy example for, that's why we've made this example:

In some-way, there's some company wants to make more sales through a product they have, and wants to make this product more famous. (company has product)

In the other hand, You find a good sales man that doesn't product anything at all, This man can sell better than producing things. (Affiliate marketer)

And finally a customer wants some (Product) to use, and he doesn't even know it's exist.

This is how things go (Affiliate marketer) helps the (Company) that has it's own (Product) to be sold for the (Customer) who needs to use it for commission.

We might find a network which is providing both (Companies) and (Affiliates) and make it easier to make their own growth together. And you may not find this part.

affiliate marketing process 


And this is the real structure of story:

  • Company: merchant (and also known as "retailer" or "brand")
  • The Network
  • Affiliate marketer: The Publisher
  • The customer (will be forever customer)


commission is not fixed, and not every company giving the same commission for all of it's products, sometimes they give high or low commissions. And that's depending on many factors.


The fame of brand name gives advantages to make more sales, and most of people purchase things they trust in the first place.


Type of product, And the real need of the customer to the product is another factor makes the change for sales and commission.


The customer himself, maybe easy and fast to reach, having enough money to make purchase or not, the class of education and wealth also a factor.


Product pricing is another factor, Some people think twice for expensive products than the cheap products. even if expensive products are more useful and better in quality than the cheap one.

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