WordPress is an open source web software originally designed for making blogs, It is used by around 50,000,000 (50 million).

It's easy, popular and most of the developers can work on such a CMS (content management system) like WordPress.

Sounds good, Why should we stop using WordPress for business?

Yes, WP is good and has many features but also, WordPress problems are many, in this post we're going to give you a little about WP problems.

WordPress security problems

First - WordPress Security

WP (as we said before) is open-source application, yes we prefer open-source application, But you should also keep in mind that open source is easy to hack.

WordPress is one of the easiest applications could a hacker can track and take down.

Second - Plugins

Now days, there are more than 50,000 WP Plugins in various fields and for different purposes. This figure is a crazy number for just one platform, like WP.

But there is one problem, that each programmer is programming his own plugin, and there are no restrictions or rules to build one of these plugins.

using plugins possibility

You still have the freedom to install one of these plugins or not, which can lead to a huge increased rate of processes, or increase the volume of requests sent and received from and to the server and end-user per session. and you might don't know if that's happening.

WordPress database problems

Third - Database

Everything was stored in the database as (POST) because it's already a blogging website content management system, That's why you can't count on in the high customization and deep calculations. It would make big loss.

Fourth - Updates

New updates coming daily, there's updates everyday to secure the content management system and to add more features and make more speed and optimizing. 

But does your theme updated too? And what about plugins? are them all updated in the same time? are you sure they won't conflict?

updates is a good bad thing

The truth is, No and that's happens with our clients from time to time and we optimize the websites and get sure everything is working fine with no errors on their website. and this is another WordPress problem.

Sixth - Processes

As we mentioned before, open source software from different developers might cause a big problem because every single part of your website asks for files, information and requests. 

how does it affect?

This is must be a huge load on your server, And make your website stop (if you're on hosting) and damage your server (if you're on dedicated server) and you still don't know why. 

Good numbers on SEO optimization tools doesn't mean your server is feeling well.

Seventh - E-Commerce

According to all what we said, It's impossible for such a blogger content management system to handle a multi-vendor website without causing problems and issues.

Eighth - Caching

web caching is a technology for the temporary storage of web documents, such as HTML pages and images, to reduce server lag and requests. Caching system stores copies of files passing through it, subsequent requests may be satisfied from the cache if certain conditions are met.

WordPress problems with caching 

WP is so bad at caching, You must request high load of requests every single page you visit, And it reduce the user experience of website usability. 


The truth is, WordPress is a great powerful content management system, Has so many features but it's only could be used for Blogging, Small Business and low traffic websites.

If you're heading for a huge website, or web application you should look for something else.

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