Ouda W Sala Template

Ouda W Sala Template

This product is currently version 2.0

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Who is Ouda w Sala? Responsive HTML, CSS and JavaScript Template with new items built on Bootstrap for real estate companies, You would like it once you use it. All what you need to do is just take a look on the entire Template, Tell us if you need something and didn't find to design and update template. Benefits of using Ouda W Sala We're not going to stop at this step, You're Going to get the following: Updates for template. Will publish a PHP script with this theme for real estate. We're going to make this template WordPress Theme soon. Support about 24/7/365. Next version? Team page. Row blog. Row Agent. More.

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Fully Responsive is not a feature

Amazing Design, fully responsive, clean code is not a feature and it suppose to be in every work, so we can see that Ouda W Sala is better than what people need. Your way to be Online Fast and Easy.

No Installation

Ouda W Sala is Open and free for editing and customizations HTML Template, it gives you the elements and you give it life.


Portofolio page and single page for every picture/video you post.


Post about you everything, and let the world know more about your work.


Let people contact you direct from your website.

Next version

  • More Elements.
  • Minified css.