what is social media ROI, how to measure social media ROI & social media advertising ROI and how to increase your ROI on social media, Calculate it and get better results according to your steps you're talking already. Read all this and more in one article from Brightery Wiki About the Social media ROI.

Social Media ROI

What is social media ROI and how to increase your social media ROI, how to measure social media ROI And how to social media advertising ROI test and calculate?

What is Social Media ROI ?

What is Social Media ROI ?

What is Social Media ROI & Social Media Advertising ROI

To understand what is social media ROI & social media advertising ROI,  You can learn more about the ( ROI Return on investment And you can learn more about the definition of ROI from this article:

Return on investment

But when we talk about the Social Media ROI it's something a little bit different, It depends on your company's objectives such as: brand awareness, revenue, customer satisfaction...etc. But social media ROI is the results of all social media channels results that created value. If you're going to measure social media ROI according to revenue, a simple formula to do and this is going to be the form you're working on:

Social media Revenue / Social media investment ( Social media employees , ad budget, etc.) X 100 = social media ROI (as a percentage)

As simple Example

Let's make a quick example if you made $1,000 in revenue from social media According to $500 investment, your profit going to be $500 (Using the simple form up there) Your Social media ROI going to be $500 profit / $500 investment X 100 = 100% Social media return on investment.

How to measure social media ROI

How to measure social media ROI

After you got more information about ROI on social media & what is social media ROI and how to make the right calculations to achieve this. You can learn more about How to measure social media ROI and what is the steps you got to know how to measure social media ROI.

Identify your company key performance indicators (KPI)

If you're targeting your goals in Sales transactions, you should measure ROI as a dollar value. With the help of assigning a dollar amount to your conversions goals & targets, it's easier to understand the real impact of your social media marketing to your bottom line and that would increase your ROI on social media.

The problem is, Brand awareness could mean something different for everyone. A Company CEO might define awareness as getting your brand's name in front of as many people as you can, while your Public Relations team might like the journalists to remember your brand's name. Brand awareness is more than you can expect.

Keep both ( Business targets & Social media targets ) aligned together

To make your campaign measurable, meaningful, and get more results, you have to break the target and separate it into smaller targets such as:

  • Website visits.
  • Product purchases.
  • Customer Signups.
  • etc..

Set up Google Analytics to track website conversions

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google inc. you can use to set up track able goals and monitoring how often visitors and customers complete the actions you define.

You can read this post about Analytics, read this post. To learn more about google analytics and how it works.

Assign values to your KPIs

Choose your goals, set up your tracking, get values and assign it to your key performance indicators. There are several different methods to choose from them:

  • The Lifetime value: How much do you earn your customers in average?
  • The Lifetime value multiplied by conversion rate: How much is your potential visits worth to you based on the percentage?
  • The Average sale: How much is your average purchase through your website visits?
  • PPC (Pay per click) valuation

Competition against your competitors increases ROI on social media

Comparison your social media results to your competitors results and you should also uncover areas of opportunity for your company to stand and get more results.

With the knowledge of your competitors and understanding posting time, Average engagement rates, You can create better ROI on social media and get more engagement.

Now you know enough about social media advertising ROI, And how to increase ROI on social media. But still you can do this with help of specialists and experts with Brightery.

Hire Brightery for Social media advertising or social media management.





Social Media ROI
Social Media ROI

All what you need to know about Social Media ROI

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