Tired of expensive applications for whatsapp marketing? we're now solving the problem with our new amazing whatsapp marketing tool for whatsapp bulk sender Brightery whatsapp marketing tool.

whatsapp marketing tool

Send professional bulk messages through whatsapp marketing software for Self Administered Plataform, Secured data, Personalized whatsapp messsages, make campaigns.

Send your bulk messages using your own database. You may measure results through statistics of delivered, Seen messages.

Your databases are secure by UK Data Protection Act DPA and our privacy and policy.

A campaign of bulk customized messages by recipient name, last name, city or birthday greeting enriches the success of your campaign.

The world awaits you to test our massive messages via whatsApp quickly and effectively. Send 8 text messages plus image now when registering.


Customized Sender ID

Whatsapp Alerts

Auto Replies





Why using brightery whatsapp marketing tool?

A professional and effective platform to communicate with potential customers or create a loyalty program for your business for all the time, Your bulk whatsapp sender messages along with images or videos and unlimited characters all along, A video or picture is worth than thousand words. Enrich your bulk whatsapp messages attaching a photo, video or vcards.

Brightery Whatsapp marketing tool is more than just a bulk sender, It also gives you the ability to add contacts from a file in secounds.

You can personalize your messages with adding variables like ( First name - last name... etc ) when you send your own message.

You can add different lists all along and making different campaigns in the same time.

You can make (Saved replies) or (Auto replies) for your own customers.

Statistics to see how many users received your message or seen.

Also you can categorize your own lists with segmentations.

Create and upload databases of potential clients

Create and upload lists of potential clients with mobile phones. Database lists are stored in your user panel to send bulk whatsapp messages at any time.

Send text Messages, Pictures and Viral Videos

Enjoy bulk whatsapp service via WhatsApp media with more than 1,000 characters per message. Which is more than enough to communicate effectively and with the possibility to attach images, vcards or videos. A Viral Youtube video URL inside a Vcard to generate thousands of views.

Guaranteed Delivery

We guarantee the delivery of your campaigns thru our platform to your contact lists/databases. You will also receive a statistics report with deliver, read and not read messages. We have the ability to generate an automatic free reply when potential users answer your bulk WhatsApp campaign.

Your data is in safe place

Brightery Whatsapp marketing tool does not sell or buy databases, as we fulfill the data protection clause at our Privacy Policy to make sure your databases are secure and safe.

Chrome extension application

Our bulk whatsapp sender platform could be use as chrome extension from any type of OS (Linux - Windows - MacOS - ETC)

Benefits of PRE-ORDERING Brightery whatsapp marketing tool now

You gain more features for less cost, When you pre-order brightery whatsapp marketing tool now you take 50% off on your monthly payment for every month till you cancel or stop service.

Get more info at: whatsappteam [at] brightery.com

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