learn all about techniques for selling, how to sell online, and what are product types, and product location; in this post learn all about how to sell.

How to sell

“Sell me this pen!”

We’re not depending on selling me this pen theory most people, companies, organizations counting on, there are too many fundamentals and basics a salesman should have and learn techniques for selling.

There are some things you won’t ever learn without experience, and others you never understand without learning, then, The question that most of the people;e don’t know how to answer is “How To Sell?”, the selling process isn’t just (Call, Make a deal) and it’s depending on a lot of factors, factors such:

  1. Product / Service
  2. Type
  3. Location
  4. Time
  5. Price
  6. Market (You have to read the entire book
  7. Competitors (You have to read the entire book
  8. Customer (You have to read the entire book

And there’s more, but basically; we’re going to help you understand the variations of these things we’ve listed. techniques for selling starts with product or service. 

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learn all about techniques for selling, how to sell online, and what are product types, and product location; in this post learn all about how to sell.


We’ve been talking about brightery products and services, What is the product and what is service, and how to work on the selling process for them both, now you need to understand the importance of product or service. 

Learn enough about what you’re selling

Learning more about the product/service you’re selling gives you enough ability to understand the usage, the need, and the importance of this product or service, it’s not important to only learn about the product/service benefits, it’s more important to understand the problem that is solving in the first place. 

If there’s no problem solved by this product or service you won’t ever be able to sell it in the proper way. And the more it’s important and having so much uses the more you get audience and segments to sell your product to.

Get more information

From the most important techniques for selling that you need to learn more, Don’t stop there, don’t wait for your leader, manager to give you information, you’re the salesman, you know how to collect information about this product or service and you know how to invest more time to give proper and flexible ways for selling this product.

Educate yourself

Selling web design technologies? You should learn more about technologies used, what’s the best, what is the worst, what does it affect, it’s the best way to make a successful conversation with a customer. 

You can learn more about everything you’re selling before starting, any question a customer could ask and you couldn’t answer make you a step away from your target.

Don’t lie

Selling lies makes you a liar, not a good salesman, you need to understand enough about your product or service, you offer a solution for something else in return, and you don’t have to pretend that your product can do everything; when you’re buying a “Vacuum cleaner” you should get a Vacuum cleaner, when it’s giving more options, this is good, when it’s not collecting dust... That’s a lie.


According to the types, there are two major types of selling “B2B” and “B2C”; They are two forms of commercial transactions. 

Business to Customer (B2C)

It’s standing for business-to-consumer, a process for selling products directly to consumers. 

Example: Selling discount cards to people.

Business to Business (B2B)

Stands for business-to-business is a process for selling products or services to other businesses. 

Example: Asking a company to join a discount card.

What is the difference between B2B and B2C?

You can't learn techniques for selling without learning, Two different ways of selling make it easier to understand how you can sell, it’s about the hierarchy; “B2C” you’re selling to the person himself, no need to contact managers and co-workers. It’s not easier, but it’s different. 

The hierarchy made by companies, you can’t directly call the director, manager, or decision-maker without having his/her own phone number, but you can use the company general number to contact a manager or schedule a meeting and trust me, they’re going to listen. 

Before the internet, people might be less interested in meetings and hearing new ideas, and new services and products, but nowadays, they’re more interested in this and nearly hearing anyone and listening to anything because they understand that sometimes, not listening can cost money. So, use this point as a strong point, and don’t lose your chance saying idiot things. 

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learn all about techniques for selling, how to sell online, and what are product types, and product location; in this post learn all about how to sell.

Product types

If you want to learn about product types, you can easily learn more about product types from the list we're giving you below. and after you learned the techniques for selling you need to learn more about the product types.

1. The differentiated product

The first type of product types, The differentiated product enjoys a particular from other related products/brands in the market. The differential required may be ‘real’, with a real difference in the component, quality, utility, or service, or it may be ‘psychological’ brought about through subtle sales requests.


2. The customized product

The 2nd type of product types, Customer-specific conditions are taken into account while improving the product. Commonly practiced in technical product marketing, where the company and the user are in immediate contact and the product gets customized to the conditions of the customer. However, a pair of businesses that have brought customization to even consumer levels, products which consumers love.


3. The augmented product

The 3rd type of product types, The increased production is the result of optional improvements brought about by the company in order to improve the value of the product, which are neither recommended by the consumer neither required by them. The marketer on his personal augments the product, by adding an extra convenience or an extra characteristic to the product.

This is most generally recognized in the Smartphone market where? more and more technology is being included just because the company is capable of giving this technology. Many clients don’t even require them. But development gives value to the outcomes of the business.


4. The potential product

The 4th type of product types, The possible product is tomorrow’s product offering with it all the improvements and finesses reasonable under the given technological, economic, and aggressive conditions. There are no limits to the ‘potential product’. Only the technological and industrial resources of the firm set the limit. Virtual presence, which was a possible product is a reality now and so is space travel which is going to a strong future product.


learn all about techniques for selling, how to sell online, and what are product types, and product location; in this post learn all about how to sell.


Ok, product location is important, where do you sell your product, and with where we don't mean where is the store located, we do mean, which country you’re selling to; Some services and products are new in some countries than others countries, and every country has a different pricing and price average.  

The product location is a primary component that will in one way or another affect the way of the product or service you provide, language, and pricing, and even the way you compete with other competitors. 

Every product location and branch should follow the rules, market, make the most benefits of society, company, and product location.

Example 1: Social media management in Africa

Social media management is important, in Africa, it’s not a bit common, but five years ago, there wasn’t such a thing called social media management. 

Example 2: Social media marketing in china

China is forbidden from social media platforms as we know it. What if you offer stores to make them online advertising? That’s funny, it won’t help!



As we mentioned before in the time chapter, how to make time on your side, instead of losing it. You can find all that you need in this post, Salesman tips, and tricks to be the best Salesman ever!



Pricing is also depending on two factors, the market price according to product location, and the actual price of product or service. 


And finally, how to sell online, this is an important part you should take good care of the whole prev text before starting, starting to sell online and your desire to learn how to sell online won't help you that much when you're looking for it without learning the basics of selling. didn't ignore the whole topic and jump to this point? fine, continue reading.

How to sell online

to learn more about how to sell online, you need to read this post first about what is selling before you learn about how to sell online,

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