pinterest social media marketing is more important than you're giving, Pinterest marketing latley developed to fit more the business needs, They created the Pinterest business account to increase the value for pinterest business usage. In this post, you will learn more about using pinterest for business.

Pinterest marketing & Pinterest business account

Pinterest business account

What is Pinterest?

The Pinterest company, Is a social media web and mobile App company. It provides a software system designed to enable the discovery of information on the WWW using images.

Information about Pinterest

Number of Employees: 1,600 employees working on Pinterest.
Date of launch: January 2010.
Platform users: 291 million active users.
Owner: Cold Brew Labs, Inc.
Founders: Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, Paul Sciarra

Why use Pinterest?

Most artists, Creatives designers, and social media managers are using Pinterest as the source of inspiration, And this is amazing because it has a huge pin of stuff.

Lately, Pinterest designed a new concept for business and created the  Pinterest business account that you can get more information than the regular user, Such as Analytics, creating advertising campaigns, and giving audience insights.

Pinterest business

Analytics overview

With the analytics overview, it gave you detailed information about your business analytics and statistics, you can easily export.

It comes with filters, So you can easily filter your results.


Content types: All/Organic/Paid
Claimed accounts: All/Instagram/YouTube
Devices: All/Mobile/Desktop/Tablet
Source: All/Your Pins/Other Pins

Pinterest Insights

As Pinterest social media marketing tool, Pinterest gives detailed insights about your business, User interests and how to create campaigns and start your journey with Pinterest marketing with your Pinterest business account.

This is the way you can plan a Pinterest social media marketing campaign.

Pinterest social media marketing

Categories and interests

Pinterest business account


Age, Gender and more

It gives you gender information and statistics, And Age.


Pinterest marketing

Locations, Countries

Pinterest is giving information about the countries and location audience based.

pinterest social media marketing

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Anne Foster is one the best analytics and statistics makers, She's a vegan, Dog lover and believing in science. Working as Digital advertising Specialist since 2010.

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