What is Scan Me?

Safety tools to protect you and give others your information help them to rescue you in time.

You will have to use Scan Me Free Service in the following cases

  • You are in a conference and waste a lot of time giving your contact no to others? Just use scan me to give others your contact no.
  • Sometimes you park your car in the wrong spot, others can't reach you to ask you to move it? Just use scan me to let them find your contacts.
  • Show only the information you want to show, you also will be able to know who scanned you.
  • You can use SMCodes also in so much purposes.


How to use the Scan me service?

  1. Register (create account on Brightery.com)
  2. Click on [add new SMCode] and fill the form 
  3. Print the SMcode 
  4. You're done



scan me
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Muhammad El-Saeed

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Technical writer and software engineer, he's a part of the great Brightery team that have many project on the opensource community

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