The eCommerce websites is base and essential for building an online business, It is equally important to have one with all the features which is important to get success. A good eCommerce application will offer all the means and more for the customer and the merchant to get involved in transactions. Here are the top 11 important features for an eCommerce website which you should look out for:


1. Design

Attractive design, Easy to use and compitible with your audience knowledge would be a main factor to reach more sales on yor own platform.

Also you need it to be unique website design with the same concept of all eCommerce website on your area.


2. Shopping Cart

The most important part of e-commerce store, the shopping cart. This is where your end customers store their products to continue with the checkout process. A flexible cart allows both the guests and registered returning users to checkout. Whereas the guest checkout does not require the user to sign up on the site, Then it's easier and making purchase process faster.

3. Mobile compatibility

Attractive design isn't the only factor, Great eCommerce websites usually offer three types of solutions for mobile compatibility. First is ensuring that the Extra Small mobile view is responsive and properly accommodated according to the device. The WAP is a mobile specific template which optimizes the website in size and generates less loading time. API’s for building mobile apps is essential since everyone now likes to browse through phones.


4. Order/Merchant easy management

A wholesome order management panel simplifies the task of the merchants where one can get detailed information regarding Buyer Refunds/Cancellation/COD order verification/Edit/Order Status Update and others. The panel helps the merchant manage his orders fulfillment and oversee the completion of the same and all operations.


5. Security

What is the importance of eCommerce website and any hacker could reach it's data?, This feature is one of the most important features as it ensures that no crucial data such as credit card (and it's top seceret) information is saved and for all prepaid shipments the checkout is carried out through a secure payment gateway. The passwords are hashed and not stored in a readable format. All web pages should be protected by SSL. The servers are secure and protected using state of the art services.


6. Scalable Infrastructure

Your hosting infrastructure should be able to scale as you get more and more traffic and that's important. A higher latency leads to drops in transaction rates and leads to loss of marketing dollars. CDN should be used to improve the website’s performance and managing the products online. It also provides excellent uptime, ensuring that the website is readily avaliblity everywhere and at any time.


7. Reports

The reports should be available as exports which contain detailed information regarding the orders, customer database, and product reports in terms. It is quite useful for analyzing the growth of the business and watching it. The websites should be pre-integrated with marketing tools and analytics to better market the brand and read reports about the performance of the store online.


8. Payment Gateway Integrations

A good eCommerce website gives you an option of integrating with diverse payment gateways by not limiting your choices to a selected few or else.


9. Communications 

Provisions to send and receive timely notifications regarding your orders are available on the panel. This way a merchants can keep their customers informed about the status of the order and receive the same via the system.

Live chat also could be a good helper in this situation. 


10. Content Management Systems

Content Management System is used to manage the website content such as Logo if you changed or wante to make something fancy or life event or else (like in christmass), banners (for paid ads and else), Footer links, Policies, And Products from the dashboard itself.


11. Logistics integration

integrating logistics services allows not only seamless shipping but also ensures that the merchants and the customers get real time courier updates along with order tracking capability and process. This allows the End-user to manage shipments from the same panel instead of approaching the courier partners separately.

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