The best startups & startup ideas in kickstarter may 2019

Millions of dollars have been pumped to support technology projects and products to be published, May and through the KickStarter Finance Platform. In this post you're going to see the top and best startups, And startup ideas hit kickStarter in may 2019. The fist startup from startup ideas in KickStarter is Tavel Tripod, It's amazing tripod making it easier for Open, Close and use camera, and even mobile phones. We spent 4 years redesigning the tripod from the ground up to eliminate dead space and minimize packed-down size. We made a tool that deploys and packs down rapidly—nearly twice as fast as a traditional tripod. We made it intuitive and delightful to use. We engineered professional-quality stability and performance. And we added thoughtful features to help you get the shot— with any gear, in any environment, from any point of view.
US$ 6,449,460
pledged of US$ 500,000 goal
Newyes is pretty much the world's coolest Syncpen, E-tablet and notebook set that can be seamlessly switch between paper and paperless writing. How cool is that! Whether you’re taking notes in a journal or doodling on an electronic tablet, Newyes Instantly mirrors your content on your phone or pad and store them on the cloud ! ! ! With both the paper and paperless mode you can switch back and forth easily!
US$ 69,677
pledged of US$ 5,000 goal
Turn your road rage into road respect with the RoadWayve mobile app. Inspired by Wayvemote, the app’s distinct and user-friendly interface allows you to exchange customized messages with other drivers. Just connect your smartphone (Android or iOS) via Bluetooth to the app, select the voice control option and share your specific thoughts with a driver who let you in their lane (or one who cut you off)! If you choose not to utilize the voice control option, there are more preset messages offered on the app in addition to the six on Wayvemote.
US$ 79,562
pledged of US$ 20,000 goal
US$ 42,389
pledged of US$ 10,000 goal
  • Novus Phone
Novus Phone is ergonomically designed to fit small hands, easy and fun for kids to use. The battery can last three days with one full charge which is three times longer than Novus Watch. It is also suitable for children, who may need more privacy and don't want others to hear their calls, to talk through the phone.
The best startups & startup ideas in kickstarter may 2019
  • Novus Watch
In the watch mode Novus becomes a sleek, useful smartwatch for daily wear that stays put and won’t get lost or left behind when kids are playing in park, going to school or on-the-go. The battery can last for one day with one full charge.
The best startups & startup ideas in kickstarter may 2019  

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