What is automation, And what does automation meaning? Are we going to see robots attacking people soon or just an easier more comfortable life with automated stuff and creative robotic items? Are the Americans going to have a helping robot to do their work and help their lives with a better Automation world?

What is Automation? - Automation meaning & Examples

Robots, Do you believe that robots can rule the world someday? You can get more information about robots and the Boston Dynamics robot video came viral lately from this post here.

The Reality about Boston dynamics robot video

Now, Let's get to the Automation and find out what is Automation?. Get your cup of coffee and continue reading.

Automation meaning

We define Automation as the creation of technology and technology applications to monitor, control, and understand the production and delivery of various items, goods, and services.

It makes tasks that were previously made by human hands. And it's used in many areas and industries such as manufacturing, transportation, utilities, defense, facilities, operations and lately, information technology (that's us Brightery, Ok we're not the only but we're a part, Ok? keep reading).

Ok, Ok that's hard to understand? let's explain it my way. What is automation?

What is Automation?

It's, Simply, The process of making something without the need of human hands inside the process, Or they just design and supervise the stuff coming out. And it's helping with the high heavy duty. Or so detailed stuff.

Was that easier to understand? Now after we defined the definition of the Automation and Automation process, Let's get the examples that could make it better to understand the importance of automation in our lives.

Automation World, Always better world

Before we start to discuss the idea of automation and give simple examples that's funny and creep in the same time, Let me give you a brilliant quote was about the same topic.

Automation World is a bigger, Easier, And always better world

How said that?, Uh... Don't be silly, That was me who said the quote.

don't be silly, i said that - what is automation?

Personal Assistant

Let's not mention the biggest manufacturing processes - even if they're important - and let's mention the personal assistants we're having in our pockets.

Do you remember the Mega Man? who's Mega Man? if you weren't so attracted to cartoons and video games when you were younger. let us get to know more about Mega Man.

Who is Mega Man

Mega Man, Also known as Rockman - and it was a silly name -  in Japan, is a science fiction character in a video game franchise created by Capcom company, starring a series of robotic characters each is known by the moniker "Mega Man".

Mega Man, was released for the Nintendo games in 1987, a series that expanded to over 50 games on several systems. On March 31, 2019, the game series has sold about 35 million units worldwide.

Why do am I talking about Mega Man?

Mega Man was a personal assistant in a multi-function device that helps his owner with doing things like:

  • Calendar Add appointments, edit, And delete appointments.
  • Making reminders.
  • Sending emails and reading received emails.
  • Chatting to friends.
  • Storing information.
  • Searching for things.
  • Calling people.
  • Killing viruses and affected programs.

Did you notice something? It's the same functions that your mobile assistant gives you. If you're having a smartphone ( Actually most of the people do, If you don't have to go get one now ) you will find out that google assistant (For Android users) and Siri (For Apple mobile users) are making the same thing. except for killing viruses thing.

automation meaning - Automation world - megaman

Nowadays, They're developing the personal assistants to be better by understanding your personality and making suitable enough responses with the help of information they're taking from you, your behavior and orders.

The funny part, that was silly in the first version of Mega Man game & cartoons, And that wasn't that far. But now it's truly happening.

It's enough for today.

Well, Now I can say goodbye and see you next time in the post we're continuing the automation process and progress around the world. Don't forget to like and comment below the post. spread it with sharing. And wait for me in the coming posts.

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