What is google webmaster tools ( Google Search console ), how can you use it? and what do you gain if you started to use as payback from Google search? In this post, we're going to clarify what is it, how to use and more.

google webmaster tools/google search console

Google master tools or also known as Google search console is  a free service that helps you evaluate and boost your website's performance with search results, Google offered it as a free service and tool to anyone who owns a website, Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is a conduit of information from the largest search engine in the world to you, It gives you insights to boost your search engines appearance results and telling you the problems and quick way to fix it.

google search console - google webmaster tools

How Google Webmaster Tools can help your website's performance


When you verify your website, It makes google search robots easy reach your website, knows the address and visit you from time to time to index your website and get sure from updated content to make it appear in search results.

Master your results

Google Webmaster Tools makes it easier to submit new pages, posts, and stop pages from being archived for Google to crawlers and remove content you don't want search engine to index and let users to discover.

Mobile Friendly

It gives you tips and tricks of what's the problems your website facing and how to avoid it, How to enhance your website and make it easily archived. And easy to read.


It allows you to know what is the problems your website facing such as compressing files, increase your website speed and even your broken links.

Traffic & Traffic sources

Google Search Console tells you the most popular searched queries causing your website to appear in search results, Your position and even clicks daily. Also it gives you information about which queries are driving the most traffic to your website, which websites are linking to your website.

webmaster tools benefits
google search console

How to set up Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)

There are many ways to add your website to Google Search Console, We're going to explain later with screenshots in steps. But for now you can just understand that you can add your website in certain ways:

HTML file upload

by uploading a file Google Search Console gives you, you can upload directly to your server/hosting into the public_html, or wherever your (yourwebsite.com/filename.html), The file itself is a blank file. Its only purpose is to help prove for webmaster tools that you have access to the website, And you're the real owner to this website to give you analytics about.


By adding a tag to your website head, it's a common easy way to prove that this website belongs to you, And it's totally easy. Copy, And paste operation.

Google Analytics

If your account is the administrator of your website's on Google Analytics platform, you can verify the website using asynchronous tracking code you've placed in the head of your homepage once before.

Google Tag Manager

Same as Google Analytics, If your account was the administrator of your website's on Google Tag Manager platform, you can verify the website with tracking code you've placed in the head of your website. 

Domain name Provider

Google allows you the option of selecting your domain name provider in a drop-down list containing the most known providers. Click on your website provider, And you have to make verification to sign in your account and sync.



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