20 reasons Why social media marketing is important?

You know the type of business that posts announcements on its doors rather than on Twitter, prefers to market by word-of-mouth reputation, and refuses to even create a company Facebook profile. It's almost 2023, and those companies are falling behind. Don't go along with them.

Learn why social media marketing is important for your business.

We offer the best social media marketing services to clients all over the country, so whether you're searching for a social media marketing agency or a social campaign in Egypt or the Arab world, we've been there for you, and to demonstrate why social media marketing is important in this article.

Why social media marketing is important?

1. More than 40% of digital shoppers use social media to research things they want to purchase.

Consumers aren't only Googling a product or reading reviews, according to a Global Website Search report. They use social media marketing to learn about new products and conduct product research. It's an important step before digital customers buy anything. So if you have a perfect presence on social media and your customers write their reviews on your platforms, you will get the point, and that is a brilliant reason why social media marketing is important for increasing sales, good reviews, testimonials, and your online presence.

2. Social media allows your company to express itself.

The days of carefully crafted professional images and a well-presented corporate image are over. Individuals are curious about what goes on behind the scenes. They want to know who works for you and who developed your company.

Social media marketing is important and may help your company demonstrate its uniqueness through social media.

3. Facebook, Twitter, as well as Instagram, are really the new customer service numbers.

Nobody likes to call customer support, wait for a representative, get placed on hold, and waste anywhere from a half-hour to an hour trying to receive a quick answer to a technical issue. That is the purpose of Twitter. That is the purpose of Instagram and Facebook comments. These platforms allow real-time customer service and keep a record of your replies, and here is another good reason why Social media marketing is important.

4. It is less expensive than advertising.

Traditional advertising is extremely expensive. Very expensive. It is not always possible for small businesses and startups, and it is not always cost-effective as a business grows.

Unless you pay for various types of social media advertising, social media is free. Here is another good reason why social media marketing is important and could save our budget. You are free to post whatever you want and maximise your marketing budget. If you want to achieve high results, you could pay for the right things on social media.

5. Facebook is used by over 95% of the world's companies.

95 out of 100 firms do not have an official Facebook business page with a professional appearance. However, they are communicating with consumers, publishing images, advertising their business, and generating feedback in some way. If your firm isn't, your competitors will grab the chance. Social media marketing is important for your online appearance.

6. Stories are the newest trend.

Currently, around one billion individuals watch stories on four platforms:

  1. Snapchat
  2. WhatsApp
  3. Instagram
  4. Facebook

Story viewership is expanding at a rate 15 times faster than feed viewership. Stories provide businesses like yours with a new and powerful opportunity to interact with followers. Social media marketing is important and could help your business at this point.

7. Posts enable your organisation to display industry knowledge.

Your channels are locations where you could deliver useful information to prospective clients that go beyond the services you provide. It might be a conversation about why a particular product is the greatest or a post about a client's success story. Every post, in whatever shape it takes, allows you to amuse, engage, and demonstrate your knowledge. Powerful Social media marketing is important for this, too.


8. Brand awareness is extremely difficult without social media.

How can you determine whether your brand is well-established? Before you begin describing what it is, people are already aware of it. Social media marketing is the quickest and most cost-effective strategy to increase brand awareness, and that is why social media marketing is important for increasing your brand awareness.


9. Search tags are the new Yellow pages.

Are you looking for a new restaurant? You're going to do two things: a Google search on your smartphone and a short check on Facebook or Instagram. Because these two channels are the most popular for local searches, your company should be included in them. And without social media marketing, it is pretty difficult to make, and that is why Social media marketing is important?

10. Leads are generated via your social media platforms.

A travel company uploads a photo of their new buses, which have more comfortable seats. Not only does the article generate interest (comments and sharing), but it also generates enough curiosity for individuals to click the link and book their next trip. In the same vein, your organisation may leverage social media.

You may give followers a behind-the-scenes peek at what it's like to use your product, take advantage of your services, or collaborate with your business by uploading videos, photographs, or blog articles, that is why Social media marketing is important for business.

11. It allows you to capitalise on influencer relationships.

There is a good reason why social media marketing is important too, Influencer connections do not have to be compensated, at least not at first. Send direct messages to prospective influencers to get started. Consider what they require and be prepared to negotiate the sale of products or services in exchange for visibility.

However, before entering into an influencer agreement, thoroughly research the influencer and their past. The influencer should be a better match for the character of your organisation and should be providing the .material that will attract your audience. 

12. Going viral is more precious than gold.

You made a critical post. You observe the increase in "likes." grow and develop. The comment thread moves too quickly to keep up with answers. It's now being reshared.

What you upload jumps from one social media platform to the next. Let me surprise you. This is now going viral!

This valuable and difficult-to-obtain experience may almost instantaneously transform a corporation into a brand name. However, you will need social media (along with some outstanding content) to do this, which is the reason why Social media marketing is important.

13. Ordinary social media profiles will not help you acquire top talent.

It is time to grow your team. Wanted talent is scrutinising resumes in the same way you are.This includes your website, LinkedIn corporate profile, Facebook business page, and Instagram account.

They'll be eager to work with you if your material appears genuine. Otherwise, candidates will not even give you a second interview. That is why social media marketing is important for your business.

14. It's a battleground where you may wage war on opponents.

Competition in the industry is primarily about numbers. Your firm made such and such sales, whereas another company in your neighbourhood selling comparable items made such, such, and such. You're competing for clients and, as a consequence, market leadership, Social media marketing is important for your business to help you with this matter.

Increasing your followers' numbers can help you achieve this. Instead of focusing on the trendy, new product your business may provide, concentrate on laying the groundwork for your organisation's growth. Your word-of-mouth reputation will expand as a result of a passionate, engaged community of followers. That is a strong reason for why social media marketing is important for your reputation.

You can gradually edge out your competition as your company's reputation grows.

15. Create, develop, and test new marketing concepts.

Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are fantastic platforms for testing new ideas and receiving feedback. 

If the concept is effective, your audience will let you know. If it doesn't, you'll immediately know. Social media marketing is important to develop your marketing ideas.

16. Gather user-generated material and empower your audience.

People want to feel like they are "a part of" something. You don't want your followers to just follow you and double-tap a photo. 

True engagement occurs when your audience tags you, gives you photographs, reviews you and offers comments.

That user-generated material, which you may republish as part of your social media marketing strategy. That is why Social media marketing is important which could give  your audience more influence. They aren't the only people who purchase your product. They have an interest in what your business does and the culture it creates. 

17. Using Instagram, you could connect with female shoppers.

Men and women use social media in unequal proportions. women post, scroll and comment on the popular photo-sharing app more than males. In fact, women connect with Instagram 9 percent more than males.  Social media marketing is important and could help you to reach the right audience.

Did you know that 54% of customers discovered a new small company through social media?

Consider uploading shoppable content on Instagram if your company is in the retail industry.

18. You have a creative spark. Use social media to find fresh ideas.

Whatever your business is, your objective is to provide your customers with what they desire.

It might be difficult to determine this at times. Social media marketing is important and saves your time and attempts to know your audience's issues. 

Stop chatting and brainstorming inside your business.

Directly ask your audience what they enjoy. With this strategy, you will not satisfy everyone, but you will find at least one suggestion worth pursuing.

19. Stay up to date on industry events, trends, and discussions.

It's vital to be aware of what's going on in your industry. You don't want to offer a competitor's proposal from last year. You don't want to become excited about last week's news.

If you want to know what's going on in your industry right now, Social media marketing is important that could help you achieve that.

Set up and monitor industry leaders, competitors, influencers, and key news organisations.

Follow them on Facebook and keep an eye out for announcements.

Social media marketing is important and allows all of these sites to give you notifications for the greatest results.

20. It improves search engine optimization (SEO).

If you wonder why Social media marketing is important for SEO. let us inform you that; Google does not rank social network pages, but it does bring visitors to your site indirectly.

Facebook allows you to share links to site posts that might otherwise go unnoticed.

However, millions of internet customers use YouTube as a supplementary search engine.

If you publish a video instructional on YouTube that your audience finds useful, they will visit your website to learn further about your products. Use social media to boost the effectiveness of your SEO approach.



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