We were talking about few days ago about why WordPress isn't good for business, But we still recommend it as blogging content management system,This is statistics about WP in Jan 2019.

WP, Powers 33.6% of the Web

WordPress, Powers 33.6% of the Web

According to statistics Jan 2019, It takes the first place for content management systems on the web, with more than 33% of the web and 60.5% of the market share.

WordPress.com Posts and Comments Statistics

WordPress users are making more than 41.7 million new post monthly and more than 60 million comment. with simple calculation this means about 1,390,000 new posts daily, 57,916 per hour, and 965 every minute! Given that an average post is around 300 words, we are talking about almost 300,000 words being written each minute using WordPress.

50,000 WP Plugins with 1,260,000,000 Total Downloads

With over 50 thousand different plugins on WP Plugins store, it’s never been easier to find the plugin you are looking for whatever you're aiming for.That's how you can fully customize and change your site entirely.

Famous websites using it

Various famous sites are powered by WordPress, here is just few famous websites using it:

  • The New York Times
  • Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy
  • People Magazine
  • National Geographic
  • Forbes

WordPress provided more than 62 languages

62 Translations

WP shows that 62 locales at 100% fully translated from the total number of available locales is 162. Maybe it's going to be translated in every single language so soon.

It's visited more visited than Twitter

With 131 million visitors/month, WP is more visited than Twitter, Twitter gets around 114 million unique visitors per month.

Has Less than 500 Employee

WP has 500 times fewer than amazon, Amazon current employees number is about 230,000 Employee, Google 61,000, Facebook 10,000 and WordPress is only 449 employees only!

WP Websites Can Cost You Between $1,000 and $15,000 Now days

Now that WP was developed and there are more and more experts WordPress development industry, Custom WP website cost you from $1,000 to $15,000. If you are looking for real and good quality website for yourself or your business, don’t pay less than $3,000.

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