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If you tired of writing your password every time you login your SSH

The Simple and easy tricks to remove ssh password infinite input and let your self "Not Hackers" to ssh passwordless login, Simple ssh command can ssh without password easy login, No more logins using ssh with password. Long live lazy peopleHow To SSH passwordless loginYou need to be lazy… Read More


The rest of the advertising campaigns for superheroes and brands, trigger: creative ads included

No matter breaking bad how many seasons did you see, How did Gollum from Lord of the rings do with the ring in lord of the rings the fellowship of the ring movie, See the most creative advertising campaigns and trigger: creative ads included.The rest of the advertising campaigns for… Read More


Creative KFC Ads and KFC commercial showing how spicy and hot their meal is

According to our set of series, The creative ads, and commercials, This is a real KFC commercial and one of the best KFC Ads, This campaign takes a place on the top recent campaigns KFC Made in the whole time. Let's Get more information? Creative KFC… Read More


How to install CWP (CENTOS WEB PANEL)

First of all you need to set your server hostname and restart your machine, You can find How to change your hostname Centos6 and Centos7CentOS 6: New Installer with MARIA-DB latest# cd /usr/local/src# wget sh cwp-latestCentOS 7: Installer for CentOS 7# cd /usr/local/src# wget… Read More


How to change your hostname Centos6 and Centos7

Changing your server hostname must be the first step you do when you're getting a new installation for a webserver or control panel. here's how we can change simply it.Centos6You could change the hostname by this simple command # hostname is is the hostname… Read More


The best of creative advertising designs for several brands.

The best creative advertising campaign for several brands with superheroes and supervillains. Hugh jackman in wolverine, the actor of iron man, the joker in batman and much more of creative in advertising.The best of creative advertising designs for several brands.The most creative advertising designs you can… Read More


A Full report with the most important blog post, blog news posted in September 2019

A Full report with the most important blog post, blog news posted in September 2019A full report including all important posts was posted in the brightery blog in the period of September 2019. Get a quick look at the complete report!All these time, we're trying… Read More


Tips on Photoshop & graphic designer tips every designer should follow

The photoshop tips for every designer to create amazing projects, tips on photoshop graphic designer tips to create the best design with no problems, Get designer tips now from reading this post and share the tips with others.Tips on Photoshop & graphic designer tips every designer should followHey, This post we're going… Read More

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The Easy Guide for the yelp fact sheet and Features, Updates Sep 2019

Yelp Fact Sheet provided by brightery containing the tips of Yelp Restaurants need to understand in Yelp App new update, Updated Yelp Features stunning and why Review Yelp page is important, Earn 300 USD Free credits from this post.The Easy Guide for the yelp fact… Read More


How to Disable Cortana in Windows 10

how to disable Cortana in windows 10, Learn how disable Cortana on home edition, disable Cortana windows 10 on Wondows 10 Pro, disable Cortana in windows 10 on Windows enterprise. get all the ways to enable and disable cortana on windows 10 in one post.How to Disable Cortana… Read More


Get 300 USD FREE Yelp coupon

Get Access for Free $300 Yelp Credit yelp coupon code, Valid yelp coupon codes brightery providing to start ads on Yelp and working coupon for yelp. Get it now it's yelp coupon for free!Get 300 USD FREE Yelp couponThis is real, Get your 300 USD yelp coupon code from the… Read More


Siva, Brightery are friendly, the company review

Siva the CEO and founder of ostora leaving brightery the company review and it's one of the best company reviews we've ever see, This PHP agency review for brightery giving you all the information you need - as a client - to start your next project with brightery.… Read More


Tips for email marketing for small business

Tips about email marketing for small business and small business email marketing, Get all needed information about business email marketing and how to choose a business email marketing software. email marketing business need and importance.Tips for email marketing for small businessThe quick guide for email marketing for small business and how can… Read More

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Beautiful color palettes & flat color palette you will not stop using

The easiest way to get your beautiful color palettes and flat color palette for your next project, in this post, you're going to reach flat design color palette and better than just getting a random flat color palette generator for your project.Beautiful color palettes & flat color palette you… Read More


What is web marketing and how to start it for your business

What is web marketing and what is internet marketing used for? web marketing service provided and variations, how to hire a web marketing agency and web marketing company? Benefits if web marketing and explanations for.What is web marketing and how to start it for your businessYou… Read More


Amazon's earnings & Amazon revenue 2019

amazon's earnings and important information about Amazon earnings and Amazon earnings report, all information about Amazon revenue and earnings amazon taking in 2019Amazon's earnings & Amazon revenue 2019We've been talking about jeff Bezos house, Bezos net worth, And Bezos wife, All about Bezos of amazon in the previous post, written a post about… Read More

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3 Reasons you should have a business page on Facebook

How can you use Facebook on my page, 3 reasons you should have a Business page on facebook, how can you run a Business page for facebook, benefits of creating a business page in facebook. All that you want to learn about Business with facebook pages… Read More

Embedded System

Home Automation Project Arduino, Ethernet shield, Webserver, 4 relays board & SD card support

DIY home automation project to turn your appliances on or off via internet/wifi using any device (PC, Mobile, Tablet or any device have access to internet through web browser).Technology used Bootstrap to keep our app responsive and accessable from any deviceAngularjs to quickly bind buttons status… Read More


Facebook pixel helper and how to use Facebook pixel code

Learn more about the Facebook pixel and how can Facebook pixel helper give you more sales, what is facebook pixel and what are facebook pixels used for? how to install facebook pixel code. You can learn more about this and much more in this post.Facebook pixel helper and how to… Read More

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Outbound marketing vs inbound marketing

What is outbound marketing and does it really help to increase your ROI? Benefits of inbound and outbound marketing and how to understand the variations of outbound marketing vs inbound marketing. All that you need to learn in one post.Outbound marketing vs inbound marketingWhat is the difference… Read More

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Brightery the Social media marketing website

Social media platforms offer a powerful tool for businesses to promote their brand, engage with customers, and drive growth. In this article, we will explore the benefits of leveraging social media for company promotion and how it can revolutionize your marketing strategies. From targeted advertising…

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what is social networking for business?

Social networkingSocial networking for business is the practice of using social media platforms and online communities to connect, interact, and build relationships with customers, clients, partners, and other businesses in a professional manner. It involves utilizing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to promote…

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what is the social media business model?

What is the social media business model?The social media business model refers to the way social media companies generate revenue and sustain their operations. In a simplified definition, social media platforms typically offer their services for free to users and generate revenue through advertising, partnerships,…

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