11 Popular Types of Websites

There's big difference between the types of website in technical way ( Static and dynamic ) and types of websites that means Categories of websites. If you're looking for a post that's talking about types of websites in technical way you can read this post:

Types of websites guide 2019 - Basic 4 Technical types

If you need to learn more about website categories and wants to learn more about types of websites you can create, Continue reading this post.

amazon the leading e-commerce website

1. Selling & E-Commerce Website

The e-commerce website is that website people can directly view and buy products from. It's too popular and common those days, Just like amazon the leading e-commerce website.

The website which is included with a shopping cart, you choose product and then buy it using a credit card or pay cash on delivery is also an E-Commerce website.

If you need to set up a website for your business and planning to sell your products through the site, then this is the correct type of websites you need to build.

Build an E-Commerce website now

business website - example angel 2 website 

2. Business Website

The business website is that website representing a business and making a good introduction to this exact business, Having the same logo, design and information clients need to know about that business. Also should represent communication ways, the products and services the business offers and produce.

Lately you can notice than every business should have it's own professional website. It's better way to trust, better and easier to reach and amazing for engaging more clients.

9gag - Entertainment website

3. Entertainment Website

Mist of the internet visitors coming through the journey of entertainment websites, those websites giving memes, comics and videos that is pointless or having points but it's finally gaining money. 9gag, Netflix and so on.

Some websites do target to make money like business and e-commerce websites do, but entertainment websites usually through the advertising banners that show up on the page rather than through selling products or services.

If you would like to start an entertainment website, there's so many things You could make funny or informative videos, write funny blog posts, comics, or create fun quizzes.

brightery photography - Portfolio Website

4. Portfolio Website

Personal branding is important, Every company could hire you if you're full-time or even a freelancer should take a quick looks on your Portfolio and that's why you can make an interactive Portfolio website that could show examples of your work.

You can add it to your Resume, you can send it for your clients to make them view your past work if you were a designer, developer, content creator, marketer, artist, photographer...etc

You can also take a look on brightery photography cms: 

How to make a photography portfolio

The NewYork Times - Media and News website

5. Media / News Website

Media or even news websites collect news stories or other reporting. You can aim on politics, geographic or else, It's also amazing for newspaper.

There's many newspaper stopped publishing paper newspaper and started digital publishing online, And it had fame and most of the world heard of.

Media websites generally make money from advertisements that show up on the site, subscriptions, or some combination of the two.

UNESCO - The nonprofit website example

6. Nonprofit Website

Businesses need a website, But non profit organisations also need a website and online presence, nonprofits do as well. A nonprofit websites makes the easiest way for many potential donors for donations and will be the first place many people look to learn more about a nonprofit journey and goals so they support it.

You can make a non profit website for some challenge and encourage people to donate for your own challenge.

non profit website such as:

  1. The SEEP Network
  2. YMCA of SLO County
  3. Nonprofit Finance Fund
  4. Thorn
udemy - Educational website

7. Educational Website

Education website is a website that sells courses and education services, giving certificates and making progress with educating people skills and professions.

Eeducational institutions and collages those offering online courses also falls into the category of educational websites. Websites have the primary goal of providing educational materials to visitors and members, or providing information for free or for money.

Coursera, Lenda, Udemy and edX are educational websites.


8. Infopreneur Website

It's a mix between the business and ecommerce websites in the same time, but they represent a unique type of online business. Infopreneurs websites are creating and selling information products. Those products could be in the form of courses, tutorials, videos or even ebooks.


9. Personal Website

Personal blogs, are different than the Portfolio websites, It's totally about some person and his/her own lifestyle, And sometimes it's not targeting gaining money.

Only for sharing experience and new stuff.

Sometimes these websites can evolve into something that makes money if they become popular enough and the person who started them wants to make that shift, but they primarily exist as a way to share your feelings, insights, and art with any friends and strangers that might be interested.

10. Web Portal

Web portals used to internal purposes at a business, organization, or institution. Collecting information in different formats from different sources to one place to make all relevant information accessible to the people who need to see it.

They often requires a Register/login and personalized views for different users that ensure the information that’s accessible is most useful to their particular needs.


11. Wiki or Community Forum Website

There's many Wiki just like: Wikipedia, Wikia and other websites that store information about anything and almost everything.


What are you waiting for? create your website now

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