If you don't know what types your websites should be, Then you can read this blog post to learn more - Simply - how to choose building your website.


Types of websites

There are two main types of websites for building website today, Static website and dynamic website and below you can see the features of every type and examples as well.

Static website

1. Static website

Static website refers to something static, content couldn't be generated by it self, There's no dashboard, user dashboard or even admin dashboard.

Things could be done by editing and adding content (Even small details) manually, Static websites was trending in the begging of the web.


It's that type of Web pages with fixed content. Each page is coded in static HTML (a markup language) codes and displays same content and info to every visitor.

Static websites and web pages are the most basic type of websites and are the easiest to be created. Unlike dynamic websites

Database & Functionality

Static websites do not require any Web programming or even database development. it can be built by simply creating few styled HTML pages and uploading them to a Web server.

The content of each page couldn't be changed unless it was manually updated by the webmaster or developer. It's sounds good for small business because it's still a styled good looking website in low cost, But if you're looking for a better website could handle your business updates and make it easy to publish and change photos, text and links you can't go with Static website.

Static website Pricing and publishing

According to what we said in the latest part, It's too low cost if you're going to create a website in static version, pricing.

And it's also doesn't need so high hosting or server because it uses less server usage. And static websites are coming into two different types.

A. Page Builder website

Page builders are now common and most of people use, It's something like Ready Themes and templates that a normal user with no coding skills could deal with, A drag and drop and change text. with no or low coding skills would make you a great website having information about you, your business and more.

Most of website builders charge you for both "Service and hosting" your own website on the cloud, Such as Brightery website Builder and Wix website builder.

The problem is, Websites are so similar because it's a template.


Coming in low prices for attracting more users. starting $2/Month.

Brightery Recommendation for building static website

We recommend you to have your own business website now, even if you're not making good sales with just 2 bucks can make your own website. but don't get familiar with. It's not so good as far as you go as good type of websites. but basically it helps for your start-up, local business or personal website.

B. Professional Static website

unlike the other static website it solves the problem about page builder Websites that they are so similar because it's a template., It was built by a developer or a company, make you only for you. in simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes.


It's not so low as $2, But still worth it than having identical template with another business or another 560 business :D

Professional Dynamic website

2. Professional Dynamic website

The dynamic website defined as that website contains dynamic pages such as templates, contents, contact forms, scripts etc.

The dynamic website could display various content types every time it is browsed or even refreshed. The exact same web page can be changed with the reader that opens the page or even the character of consumer interplay, geo location or day time.

It's also developed with administration dashboard to add, edit and even remove content such as text, images, pages, forms and links.

Most of dynamic websites are familiar with search engines and easy to archived with auto generated sitemaps.

A. CMS Website

Content management systems are so popular those days, if you don't know what is CMS refers to you can visit this post:

What is content management system (CMS)

If you're looking forward to learn more about the most popular cms 2019 you can also view this post:

The most popular CMS in 2019

If you would like to read more about WordPress the most popular CMS 2019, you can read this post:

The Best CMS of most popular CMS 2019

And finally this is the small comparison between Drupal and WordPress:

Drupal vs WordPress

CMS, It's amazing because it reduces the cost of the Dynamic website than before, It's easy to use, with millions of videos online showing how to use it.

B. Built from Scratch website

The best types of websites, it was made for you and only for you, if you choose the right company ( the best leading company is brightery of course. ) and the correct content and technologies you can make the best web application or website. Increase your ROI and make more long term plans done in no time.

The problem is it's most expensive in the whole types of websites, It was designed, enhanced and produced for you and only for you and this is highly costs.


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