Most popular CMS 2019 According to the latest blog post we've posted lately:

The most popular CMS in 2019

This post is also important to decide why WordPress, Open Cart or else? to start with your website in 2019?

How to choose my CMS?

first thing first: you should know your needs before getting started your own website, Blog ... etc. By answering those questions you can get bit closer to your real needs and choose.

  1. Do you need to sell goods? ( Yes / No )
  2. Do you need a blog? ( Yes / No )
  3. How huge would be your website? ( So Large / Large / Medium / Small )

And if you would sell goods, You will exclude ( WordPress / Drupal )..

E-Commerce CMS

Sometimes companies, agencies and people prefer to work with WordPress in their E-Commerce websites, But Brightery is telling you the secret. WordPress was made for blogging, And it's not totally familiar with E-Commerce that's why we don't recommend it for building E-Commerce websites.

You can Clearly find more by visiting this post:

Why WordPress isn't good for business

Then you can choose between Magento, Open Cart. Those two Content management systems were made for this purpose exactly for selling goods online and so much easier to create a better E-Commerce website with.


Blogger CMS

But if you're looking for better website, Company website, Blogging website and personal website or blog you should always choose WordPress.

According to 2019 analytics WordPress is the most popular cms 2019 and 2018 as well.

You can visit this blog post for more: Surprising Statistics about WordPress Usage 2019

Wordpress gives you huge number of Plugins and themes online with suitable pricing, Gives you better experience with SEO and compression Plugins, Easy Dashboard any one can use.

That's why if you're looking forward making a personal, Business website or even a blog. Wordpress is the first choice you should stick to.

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