Drupal vs WordPress

Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems ever, It's preferred choice for companies, governments, nonprofits... etc. Simple to edit, powerful for Admins, secured, and accessible for anyone, It's a one stop shop for all of your website needs.

Who uses Drupal?

Drupal vs WordPress, Who is working on Drupal? There's many huge names using Drupal like:

Easy for content creating

Drupal is so easy to create your content (Pages / Posts ... etc) with, It has it's own creator that helps you write better and easier content.

Access Anywhere

Drupal was written in PHP just like WordPress.

Easy to Customize

Drupal is easy to customize, Add, Edit and remove content. Also it has huge user community, with thousands of developers and designers contributing to the module library. There is wide variety of website features, including ShareThis for social media sharing buttons, Image Effects for photo retouching, calendar plugins, CAPTCHA to stop spamming, Google Analytics And more.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Drupal Allows you to make your own skin/Theme and it could be totally responsive and mobile friendly.

Development features

  • Admin Toolbar – Replaces the popular admin menu module in Drupal 8, providing responsive rollover menus.
  • Backup and Migrate – Helps to easily schedule database backups for your Drupal site.
  • Field Group – A helpful module for organizing your content types. You can organize fields into tabs, accordions, and more to give your content editors a better experience.
  • Google Analytics – A simple module to let you configure Google Analytics in Drupal and track your users and pageviews.
  • Linkit – Simple and easy to use for adding links to your site.
  • Metatag – Designed to configure your site’s meta tags.
  • Redirect – Almost every new site needs to incorporate a large number of redirects for old page URLs. The Redirect module makes it easy.
  • Simple Sitemap – Helps create XML sitemaps for search engines.
  • PathAuto – Automatically generates relevant and easy to remember URLs for pages.
  • BigPipe – Helps speed up page load times to avoid losing users.
  • ShareThis – Allows you to add social media buttons for easy sharing across different sites.

Most Secure CMS

Drupal considered as one of the most important cms, and the most secured Content management system across the internet. Perfect with all types of hosting and low server resources. and when you compare it ( Drupal vs WordPress ) to wordpress, Drupal wins for security factor.

Premier Web Hosting Providers

Web hosting providers are investing millions in webhosting infrastructures to the world’s largest Drupal websites. For more you can read this post about the recommended web hosting companies:

The best Hosting company you can deal with?

When you start with Drupal, consider hosting providers such as Gazin.host.

Drupal Pricing & Cost

Average cost structure for a Drupal build in 2019 is about $48k-$80kfor medium-sized websites and more for large enterprise sites. The cost considerations for Drupal can include strategy, design and interface, and implementations.

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