Having a problem running a business with California business competition? Even California small business competition is hard to face? In this post, we're giving away tips for a business to make more money and helping CA small business to grow up. 

5 Tips for a business Especially for California small business and California business

California is a bit big city, It's good for business and small business which is open and running in California, But also a bit hard according to the competition you're facing as small or medium business. What if California business industries was too hard?

In this post, we're showing you how to make it easier to compete in such a big area as California, US and to earn more money and fame than any other California business store or California small business. According to the latest report, California hit the 39.56 Million living in, That's crazy huge number because Texas recorded only 28 million in the same year.

how to overstep your competitors?

This is a quick easy guide helps you to improve your business and overstep your competitors as soon as possible.

1. Quality is important

Quality doesn't mean always the highest quality as many people thinking, Quality means only quality, And you've to increase the quality to fit needs or over. But increasing the quality to the top requires more cash. And that means increasing your budget, And so your product price.

All that you have to do is see what exactly your customer needs, Increase what they need and without increasing the price.

2. Loyalty System

loyalty system - brightery customer reaction

It's not common, But it worth it, A loyalty system can increase your sales by 20% in less than 3 months and these numbers we've got from our customer's themselves. Proving a customer loyalty system is now more important than anything else. You can get more analytics as calculated numbers and digits improve your business and give you the big jump to move over.

Loyalty System helping ca small business to be known because they're addicted to technologies. And also you can take a quick look on brightery customer reaction the customer loyalty program. 

3. Online Marketing

It's the all time first tips for a business we give, But here it's the third. Do you have a facebook page engaging with people around you? helping customers to find your business. Adding the main focus on social media marketing increases your points than other businesses around you.

People engaging - California business

Posting and engaging to your customers, helping them to take photos and upload it to their online profile on social media is now making a huge potential to make other friends visit your place.

Making a professional business page, and get it ready with a suitable profile picture with your logo, Cover photo containing the best side of your store and posts including your basic info discussion and events.

If you don't have enough knowledge about this, You can hire an agency that helps with that. Hire a social media marketing agency.

4. Add your business to yelp

Did you ever hear about Yelp? of course, you did... But did you claim your business account on yelp? Yelp if previewing a huge number of businesses across the US, And that directory should include you if you didn't. 

Yelp is helping CA small business to grow up and CA Business owners to gain more money. 

5. Website

5 Tips for a business Especially for California small business - website

A website is important to be built, even if it was in a low budget. people always search for things on the internet, And having your website appears in the search results is a new achievement you should have.

Not every type of website is a high cost, There are some less cost website types. You can just get your own website with only 1,000 to 2,000 USD and a small subscription for hosting and domain name every year won't affect you.

There are many web development companies providing the service of building a website according to your budget such as brightery. You can Estimate your website budget here. And that's a free estimation.


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