Brightery Yellow Pages Scraper

Find thousands of local businesses in minutes. Brightery Yellow pages scraper will extract businesses names, addresses, phone numbers, websites, emails, social properties. We are going to produce the application as chrome extension you're going to have the chance to pre-order and take benefits of pre-ording.

Use brightery Yellow pages scraper to extract all the yellow pages data you need to create massive lists of local leads, Engage and extremely massive your results. Extract the data from the yellow pages to find new potential customers.

Things isn't in any other scraper?


Most of the existing data scrapers is (EXE) application so you can't the HELL use in linux or macOS and that's not quite good for businesses. We're making this App as chrome extension app just like Brightery Mega marketing and that's makes it easier to install on any device.


Now you don't have to uninstall and re install app to get updates :) it's easy just get latest updates right through the chrome extension.


You can also have your brightery account as the main account for any of our products, That's how to sign up.

About brightery yellow pages Scraper

Get thousands of potential leads from the Yellow Pages around the world. More than 30+ countries are supported, and it’s by far the fastest, The cheapest and the all time best Yellow Pages Scraper on the online market.


Easy find, Extract and more:

Find business categories easily and get your business leads, fast data extractor in your favorite type of files.

Only Email Extractor

Fast and powerful business email scraper. Find thousands of emails for your B2B lead lists.

Social Properties

Brightery Yellow pages Scraper will extract the social properties (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin..) of each scraped company.

Proxy Support

Brightery Yellow pages Scraper comes with it’s own set of proxies updated every five minutes.


Why Pre-Order Brightery Yellow pages Scraper?

Build Business Directories Websites to get large audience.

Find Business Phone Numbers for Cold Calling.

Collecting Email Addresses for Email Marketing campaigns and you can also need New Brightery MassMailer.

Create Scraping Services for Businesses.

Scrape data for any type of business anywhere in the world.

Generate complete lists of potential customers with their address, phone, email and contact person.

Sell Leads to your Customers.

Extract data for email marketing, Cold Calling, Direct Mail and more.

Offer your services to Local Businesses.

Scrape every business phone number and email.

Increase your sales.

Use our scraping tool to generate more leads.

Scrape every business social media.

Attract more companies to your platforms.

Extract contact information.

Extract data like address, phone, zip code, email address, buyer decision name.

Use our Yellow Pages Scraper to find companies that still do not have a mobile responsive website.

Use our data scraper to create and unlimited stream of lead generation.


Can i use it easily?

Brightery yellow pages scraper is very easy to use as scraper software. Simply select the business type, the location, and Brightery yellow pages scraper everything for you. Stop buying outdated and expensive marketing lists, our local scraper is Business to Business lead generation tool that can help you create unlimited lists of potential customers.

The most Powerful Yellow Pages Scraper

You can scrape a city, a state, or an entire country. You can scrape categories or business types, You can create huge lists of updated potential buyers. With our yellow pages scraper you can get details of companies, shops, services in any city from more than 30+ different countries. Our tool allows you to scrape the most popular yellow pages directories in the world.

Why Should i pre-order?

Brightery yellow pages scraper is now working on some countries, it worth it and that's why we wanted to get a larger market so...

You should pre order to take the pre order benefits such as 50% discount on Monthly/Yearly or even lifetime licence.


FAQ About Yellow pages scraper

Could this help my business?

It can help to create many lists of targeted customers with addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and contact names and that's great to make the first contact and propose to potential new customers your company and services.

Is the data from the yellow pages up to date?

Most of the yellow pages directories update their data on a daily base, most of the times a scraping software will help you have a much up to date list than any off the shelf ready made purchased database. We're updated <3

Does scraping take a long time?

It's depends on what you need to scrape. If you are after all restaurants in the United States, then that will take some long time, if you only need to scrape 5-10 cities only that can be done in an hour or couple, it really depends on the amount of data you are after.

Can i make a random scraping limit?

in other scrapers, No .. In our's? Yes you can easily add your scrapping limit.

Can I use a Yellow Pages data extractor to get X list?

If the data is available in your country Yellow Pages directory then you can extract that database, save it as a CSV file and use it for your marketing campaigns.

Is a scraping software difficult to use?

Hello? you're now talking to brightery, we've got the best UX design standards of the internet man. Give realistic questions.

Can your Yellow Pages Scraper search for more cities at a time?

Yes, you can select a city (Ex. NewYork) or a State (ex. California) or you can import a list of cities you want to get data from.

List of Supported Countries

Countries we feature:

United Kingdom, United States.

Countries going to be available:

Argentina , Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal,Spain, Sweden, Venezuela, Egypt, Kuwait.


we're working to make this the most cheap app you can ever have, first of all we're adding this

 Lifetime licence: 

You can have your own lifetime licence with only 85 USD and if you pre-order you only have it for 45 USD.

 Limited licence: 

1000 data scrap: 10 USD

10,000 data scrap: 15 USD

100,000 data scrap: 20 USD

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