Do you want to start using Instagram advertising for your business?

If so, you must create a strategy. Instagram advertising success necessitates a combination of strategic ideas, a creative vision, and the time to implement and track your progress.

Understanding Instagram advertising agencies can keep up with the newest industry developments, algorithm changes, and best practices to drive your business ahead, instagram followers increase, and offer the greatest results possible. They could focus on various phases of the buyer's journey, from awareness to conversion, among your important target audiences, all while maintaining within your budget.

Below is a list of three frequent Ads Manager goals to consider when creating your Instagram marketing campaign.

1. Awareness

Many companies use social media to boost brand awareness and reach new consumers. When advertising on Instagram, you may select brand awareness and reach targets that will help you accomplish your awareness-oriented goals and then help Instagram followers increase.

How are they different? Here's an example of how they differ

When using the reach objective, the goal is to reach and influence the highest variety of people in your target audience.

Brand awareness methods focus on pushing content and adverts to those who are likely to develop an interest in your company in general, both the material you generate and the items and services you provide.

2. Consideration

You don't want your social media fans simply scrolling through their feeds and scrolling over your adverts and updates. Instead, you want to spark their interest and persuade them to discover more about your company. This is when a thought comes into play.

The primary objective is to inspire your fans to take action – to watch your videos and interact with your content. The following are some of the key consideration goals you may want to achieve:

  • Traffic: One of your primary targets might be to increase traffic to your company's website.
  • Video views: This goal focuses on making the necessary marketing efforts to boost your views of video content.
  • Post engagement: This goal increases engagement, such as likes or comments on your article, so that you may communicate with your audience.

3. Conversion

Instagram is a strong social media tool that may assist you in increasing sales and increasing revenue for your business. This category's goals are mostly concerned with converting those who are already aware of your company into targeted consumers.

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Conversion campaigns include the following elements:

Website conversions: Drive website conversions from warm audiences - people who are familiar with your company on some level. Conversions can be used to request a quote, complete a purchase, or sign up for an event or seminar.

Catalogue sales: If you operate an e-commerce business, Facebook lets you improve sales from a product catalogue.

Store visits: If you operate a business with many locations that get a lot of foot traffic, you may use Instagram advertisements to attract customers to those sites.

There are three basic categories of audiences that could help improve advertising  on Instagram.

1. Saved audiences

Saved audiences are large groups of people who may be targeted based on demographics like gender, geography, age, and general interests. Using these characteristics and information about their audience, businesses can better design content and adverts to these viewers' preferences and behaviour.

2. Targeted audiences

Custom audiences are created using email lists, users who have interacted with your account or viewed a video, people who've already visited your website, and other data sources. These audiences are often formed using the information provided by or related to the business.

3. Lookalike audiences

These wide audiences are made up of people who are similar to those in a customized audience and have similar characteristics and interests — thus the term "lookalike." They are likely to be similar to your target audience in many respects, such as hobbies and habits, making them potential Instagram users to reach out to.

What am I going to need from advertising on Instagram?

Any business that uses Instagram advertising must ensure that they cover all bases when it comes to creating their presence on this platform.

Several must-have needs for every business building a social media presence include:

Business Profile

A brief introduction to your business that delivers key facts about your organisation to your audience.

Superior visuals

High-quality, convincing photographs and videos can ensure that your message reaches your target audience. Because Instagram is a visual medium, this is a must for a successful advertising campaign on this network.

Ad size

Image size is important for success on Instagram, both in the feed and in Stories. Using the correct ratio and resolution is critical to presenting your photographs in the best possible quality and effect.


It is important to write text with aim and purpose toward your audience. Your text should be clear, have a suitable tone, and persuade your readers to act.

Budget: Instagram needs a budget. Examine average Instagram advertising expenses to get an idea of what your company should spend on ads.

Formats for advertising on Instagram

The intelligent advertising agency could be able to help you in determining the optimal ad structure for your Instagram marketing campaign. When marketing on this platform, you'll have access to a wide range of advertising solutions designed to help you achieve your social media objectives. On Instagram, you can utilise the following ad formats:


Instagram boost post Includes a picture and a small piece of text.

Ideal for building brand awareness and sharing visuals with your audience then Instagram followers increase.


A brief clip promoting your business, product, or service.

Instagram boost post Includes a link to your website, a call to action, or information that encourages your customers to invest in your business.


Instagram boost post includes  many photographs in a single post since it focuses on delivering varied photos in one post that a user may scroll through at once.


Appeared in one of Instagram's fastest-growing sections. Vertical photographs and videos can help you capture your audience's attention.

What to Look for in an Instagram Ad Agency?

Transparency is a key factor to consider while considering Instagram agencies. Regardless of your company's size or budget, you should work with a provider that will provide consistent pricing and top-tier services while staying within your Instagram advertising budget.

It is also critical to assess the ability of a social media marketing team. Is the agency staffed with skilled marketers with a track record of delivering results-driven marketing collateral?  Are they able to make Instagram boost posts? Are they up to date on the newest marketing trends and receiving ongoing training?

When selecting a social media agency to work with your company, consider the team's communication skills. You'll need to discuss your goals and progress with your marketers on a regular basis, which is why choosing individuals with strong communication skills is imperative.

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What is the Instagram advertising price?

Instagram advertising prices vary depending on your bidding strategy.

Did you know Instagram has over 1 billion, monthly active users? This Facebook-owned social media site is an excellent way for your company to connect with leads that are interested in your products or services. You may reach more prospects and build your business by using Instagram advertisements.

Among the various reasons why Instagram's advertising charges are well worth the money are:

Instagram advertising has higher click-through rates (CTRs)

While you may spread your ad budget throughout platforms, Instagram tends to give the highest results in terms of CTRs. According to a Fortune survey, Instagram advertising has a CTR that is 2.5 times higher than other social media networks.

  • Obviously, your CTRs will be affected by your target demographic as well as your advertisements.
  • Instagram advertisements provide advanced targeting possibilities.
  • Instagram, like Facebook, offers powerful targeting possibilities for your company.

You may increase the return on your advertisements by using these targeting choices, which range from geography to interests. Instead of targeting everyone who is interested in food, you may target those who are interested in pizza.

Instagram advertisements result in higher-order values.

Another reason why Instagram advertising prices are reasonable? The outcomes.

According to a recent Shopify research, the average order value for Instagram users is $65. Despite the fact that Facebook accounts for a sizable portion of social media sales, its average order value is $55, which is $10 less than Instagram.

Instagram advertisements get the most engagement.

Instagram has high engagement rates when compared to other networks. When it comes to engagement rates, Instagram takes the lead, giving 10 times that of Facebook.

When you have people who are engaged with a platform, your business might gain from advertising. You can attract people to click on your ad, like your page, or buy your product if you make advertising that targets the appropriate people.

Instagram advertisements have a high conversion rate.

Instagram advertisements not only generate greater order values, but they also have higher conversion rates than other networks. 

While the Instagram advertising prices are worth it, it's important to remember that getting great results from Instagram demands a solid marketing strategy. To obtain the type of results you desire with Instagram advertisements, you must constantly create and enhance your plan.

How can I cut the cost of my Instagram ads?

Here are a few smart techniques for lowering the cost of your Instagram advertisements while increasing the return on investment.

1. Use automatic bidding.

Automatic bidding can help your business if you don't have any past data to inform you what CPC to set for your campaign.

When you employ automated bidding, you protect your company from overpaying to run an advertisement. 

2. Use precise targeting

Use precise targeting to reach your desired audience to help Instagram followers increase  after Instagram boost posts and achieve the greatest outcomes for your campaign.

Udjat Agency is knowledgeable in Instagram advertising services.

Are you thinking about advertising on Instagram? If so, we're here to support you!

Our social media professionals at Udjat will assist you in developing an Instagram advertising plan that will offer you a competitive advantage and will help your Instagram followers increase. Best of all, we provide you with transparency and ongoing help throughout your social media advertising journey.

Join our satisfied clients and discover why so many businesses choose Udjat's Instagram advertising services to boost their social media campaigns. Contact our team now to discover more about how to get started with Instagram advertising.

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