How to install Brightery Twitter bot on your server

Brightery twitter bot is easy to install but if you can't install it you can take a quick look on the installation guide link to learn more about installation and start your tweet bot and create more followers.

This is the 2nd step of making Brightery Twitter Bot works fine and with no errors.

Creating Twitter developer account for Brightery Twitter bot

If you're not an owner for Twitter developer account you should (first) create your twitter developer account to be able to create a twitter app and start using our tweet bot and using it to run your business.

Step 1 - Create your Twitter account

Should be mentioned that, If you have no twitter account you can't have a twitter developer account ( IF YOU DON'T HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT, WHY WOULD YOU BUY OUR TWITTER BOT IN THE FIRST PLACE?!! ), But we should mention this. :D

Step 2 - Request your developer account

According to the latest update of twitter API (that wasn't so cute), If you're not a developer account, You have to apply on twitter developer account and it doesn't take much time.


If you had a developer account (Also) you have to request a developer account (sounds silly).

Go to Twitter Developer.

And follow the steps till you get this screen, That means your request for developer account is waiting to be accepted.

Step 3 - Your Twitter developer account is under review

well, After following all the steps and reach this place, You should see this screen that means you're waiting for your verification to be finished and accepted.

Twitter won't refuse your request anyway, But just for getting sure you won't use the customers information in evil purposes.

Brightery twitter bot installation - Create a twitter developer account

Step 4 - Wait for twitter review

Nothing you can do in this case, Just wait. Maybe it will take days until your account for developer  accepted.

But you can still watch the rest of tutorials and learn more about brightery twitter bot and how to use it for business purposes.

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