What is heatmap? And why they are important for every business & entrepreneur?


according to Wikipedia, A Heatmap is a graphical representation (important to business) of data where the individual values (and that's the customer) contained in a matrix are represented as colors (the movement and interactions). Heatmap, is a newer term but shading matrices have existed for over a century.

Ahmad El-Saeed

According to Ahmad El-Saeed (it's me if you didn't notice), It's amazing thing tracks your audience movement in your whole website (scrolling - mouse hover - clicks - pages visited) that could help you understand the audience you're targeting and help them out reach the the target without losing their way.

Brightery - Heatmap

In fact, I choose to make explanation on the first website I've got in my mind, That was Brightery, I couldn't take the real heatmap so because it's private information, but i get this just for example and make you better to understand.

Web heatmap, And entrepreneur business

Well, Now we should head to the purpose of using heatmaps and start building your UX (user experience) according to results it gives back to you.

a problem of tracking

When you drive conversion to your website, You don't really know what's going on with every client visiting your website, Google analytics and most of the analytics application tracking the real-time visitors, Where they are, What they visit.. Etc. But in fact nothing give you info about how they act!

How heatmap help business

Let's say your business needs to grow, You want more purchases through your website, You paid well for experts learnt a lot about your audience before they draw your UX design, But.. Do they really know everything?

The answer is no, No one knows, Even the visitor himself don't know how he's going to interact with your website! he just interact!

How that could help?

Let's say, You can better understand your own visitor through this analytics given back via heatmap.

heatmap - clicks & roi effect


The most important part, We can say it's the decisions he made in your website. I landed where you left me, Where to go now? (He say).

You can better understand what do they prefer and make it less harder to reach, make a small path to the most visited pages or products your business serve, Make if more easy to make his purchase.

Or give him more different options to choose from, Ads (Your own advertising i mean, not google's) and CTA (Call To Action buttons or blocks).

heatmap - for entrepreneur and business

Pages visited

The pages they visit and scrolling they take, Where to put everything, most of people doesn't fully scroll the page if they didn't find something interesting in the bottom, Why don't you try some.

Endless scrolling by getting more items to the current view works with social media, Does this work for you? no? yes?

We can't just recommend something, as i said before, Even the visitor doesn't know how they're going to act.

Mouse hover

Mouse tracking isn't that effective, Yes but it still make you really understand what's going on. There's two kind of people ( people reading with mouse .. Just like i do, Sometimes i even select the text i'm reading because i might lose it ) & ( people reading, and never use the mouse ) It reflect on ROI.

Does this help?

Yes it's not working with everybody, but it still leave you explanation to understand most the of the people visiting your business, Why did they move their mouse! and why didn't they purchase that item ( while they hover over the high price :P and leave the page with ending session ).

This isn't everything

It's not everything, but i'm waiting for your response on and comments on this posts, Hope you enjoyed reading the same as i enjoyed writing


If you don't have time and need to run away fast, Heatmap is more important than you think for business and the ROI, Start to use it as soon as possible.

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