Learn more about Happy or not kiosk machine, What is kiosk machine and how does it work, What is a rewarding system and how can you find the best price for them all, all in one post.

Happy or Not Kiosk And Rewarding System can increase your revenue

Did you notice before that most rewarding system and locations using them making more money and gaining more loyalty of their customers more than others? but there's only one problem that most of these rewarding systems are too expensive for a local business or small business?

Of course, you know these kiosks happy or not machines, that's measuring and counting customers reactions about your business and service!

in this post, we're going to give you more information about rewarding system features and how can you use it, and more information about Happy Or Not Kiosk, what is Kiosk machine and more.

What is Kiosk Machine

What is Kiosk Machine? A Kiosk Machine is a tiny, a self-standing digital device such as a newsstand or ticket booth and also had a place, Store, Airport inside for people who handled the transactions; Yet, it was used for so many reasons and so many purposes. 

Lately, there was a long spread of happy or not kiosk machine that's measuring the satisfaction rate of your customers and clients.

Happy Or Not Kiosk Machine

How Happy or Not Kiosk machine works?

Yes, Happy or not kiosk machine is now trending for stores, locations, and more to measure the happiness and anger of your customers and motivate them to communicate and be active with the business by leaving you how do they feel about their experience.

Process of Happy Or Not Kiosk Machine 

Process of Happy Or Not Kiosk Machine

First of all, you gotta subscribe to it, then install your happy or not kiosk machine in your store, or business and then people will automatically engage with it.

Most of the customer reaction and happy or not kiosk machines are depending on emojis to describe how do they feel about their experience and it's -in most cases- 4 basic emojis containing 4 different feelings to describe the experience.

  • A Happy Face: to express the happiness and satisfaction of their experience.
  • A Less Happy Face: to describe that it's not perfect but it's satisfying or okay.
  • Sad Face: to describe that it wasn't the best and there are more to improve.
  • Angry face: to describe the horrible and underestimated experience.

A Customer leaves his experience and you can -later- check all your customer reaction and measure them from your admin dashboard as statistics could be easily found, filtered, and exported.


There are so many advantages you can find while you establish your own rewarding system or Happy or Not Kiosk machine, we can count the top in:

The more you care about customers, the more they visit.

This technology stuff is giving you more advantages to increase your current sales rating and make a more powerful relationship with your customers and visitors, most of the people are visiting places they think it's caring about their opinion, that's why they're preferring your place when you install one.

Increasing your sales depends on rewarding

You need to reward your customers, not only the new customers and visitors to make them come back again, but also your current, returning customers should be rewarded for returning to you and being loyal.

It's New, Trendy and Attractive

Most of the customers nowadays are looking for new stuff like making them cheer up, or something can make the dazzle and using such a tool to make them dazzled is amazing.


Also, there are so many disadvantages when you're trying to get install your rewarding system or Happy or not kiosk machine, we're going to help you out with.

It's expensive

Yes, it's a bit expensive, but not all of the kiosks are pricey, You can easily Get you version of Brightery Customer Reaction and it will help you out for doing more than just installing a Happy Or Not Kiosk Machine, it's also the way to get your customer's information and more.

It's Complicated

Yes, Some of the kiosk machines are, but Brightery Customer reaction isn't; you can easily measure, track, live view and even more in real-time what's going on for your store and works for multiple stores as well.

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