is agile a methodology? in this post, You're going to understand the agile definition, and all about the agile manifesto, you're going to understand what is safe agile? and what is a scrum in agile? and of course, you're going to understand is agile a methodology?

is agile a methodology? a Simple Guide for agile

Is agile a methodology? The Agile System and methodology is a careful approach to project management that is used in software development. This program assists teams in returning to the unpredictability of building software. It uses incremental, iterative activity progressions that are generally known as sprints.

is agile a methodology? in this post, You're going to understand the agile definition, and all about the agile manifesto, you're going to understand what is safe agile? and what is a scrum in agile? and of course, you're going to understand is agile a methodology?

Agile definition

We can get the Agile Definition in two different definitions, Agile definition by agile manifesto, And Agile definition by brightery.

Agile definition by the agile manifesto

the definition of Agile project management begins from the Agile Manifesto itself:

  • Individuals and interactions over methods and tools.
  • Working software over extensive documentation.
  • Customer collaboration over contract agreement.
  • Responding to improve over following a system Plan.

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Brightery Agile Definition

The Agile software development method refers to a group of software development methods based on iterative progress, where requirements and solutions develop through collaboration among self-organizing hybrid-functional teams.

Agile processes or Agile processes usually promote a disciplined project management method that encourages frequent review and adaptation, a management philosophy that promotes teamwork, self-organization and responsibility, a set of communications best practices designed to allow for rapid transfer of high-quality software, and a business plan that aligns development with consumer needs and company goals.

Agile development leads to any development process that is followed by the concepts of Agile Manifesto. The Agile Manifesto was produced by a group of fourteen chief figures in the software industry and reflects their experience of what methods do and do not work for software development.

What is a scrum in agile


what is a scrum in agile? The Scrum is a subset of Agile, It is a lightweight framework for agile growth and the most generally-used one:

  • “process framework” is a distinct set of manners that must be developed in order for a method to be compatible with the framework. For example, the Scrum rule framework needs the use of development cycles called Sprints, the XP core requires pair programming, and so forward.
  • Lightweight” suggests that the expenses of the process are kept as small as possible, to maximize the number of productive time possible for getting the useful job done.

And for answering the question of what is a scrum in agile, A Scrum method is recognised from other agile methods by specific ideas and practices, split into the three sections of Roles, Artifacts, and Time Boxes. Those and other names employed in Scrum are described hereinafter. Scrum is common often used to control complex software and product development, using iterative and incremental practices.

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Now you know what is a scrum in agile, but you should know that Scrum significantly improves productivity and overcomes time to benefits relative to traditional “waterfall” processes. Scrum methods enable adjustments to adjust easily to rapidly-changing requirements and provide a product that satisfies evolving marketing goals. An agile Scrum process profits the company by helping it to

  • Improve the quality of the deliverables
  • Cope better with development (and expect the differences)
  • Present better measures while using less time planning them
  • Belonger in control of the design schedule and state


is agile a methodology? in this post, You're going to understand the agile definition, and all about the agile manifesto, you're going to understand what is safe agile? and what is a scrum in agile? and of course, you're going to understand is agile a methodology?

Agile Benefits

after we did learn enough about both Agile definition and if is agile a methodology or not, you should also understand that Agile is having so many benefits for Customers, Vendors and sellers, Teams..etc. Can we take a quick look?

Benefits to Consumer

Consumers find that the merchant is more responsive to construction requests. High-value features are produced and read more quickly with short cycles, than by the longer cycles favoured by classic “waterfall” methods.

Benefits to Vendors

Merchants reduce wastage by directing growth effort on high-value features and reduce time-to-market related to waterfall methods due to reduced overhead and improved efficiency. Increased customer happiness changes to better consumer retention and more real customer testimonials.

Benefits to Development Teams

Crew members have development work and like to discuss their business used and appreciated. Scrum benefits Team members by decreasing non-productive activity (e.g., writing specs or other artefacts that no one uses), and providing them more opportunity to do the commitment they experience. Team features also know their work is valued because conditions are chosen to maximize value to consumers.

Benefits to Product Managers

Product Directors, who typically fill the Product Owner role, are accountable for securing clients happy by guaranteeing that improvement work is aligned with client needs. Scrum does this adjustment easier by presenting frequent events to re-prioritize work, to ensure the highest delivery of value.

Benefits to Project Managers

Project Managers (and others) who fill that ScrumMaster role notice that plan and tracking are more accessible and more accurate, compared to waterfall methods. The focus on task-level tracking, the use of Burndown Charts to display daily rate, and the Daily Scrum conferences, all together give the Project Manager great awareness about the state of the scheme at all times. This information is key to controlling the project, and to finding and addressing issues promptly.

Benefits to PMOs and C-Level Executives

Scrum gives high perceptibility into the nature of a developing project, on a daily base. Outside stakeholders, before-mentioned as C-Level managers and employees in the Project Management Office, can use this visibility to plan more effectively and adjust their strategies based on more hard knowledge and less consideration.

what are epics in agile & what is sprint?

Now you know what is the definition of agile and both definitions, agile definition by brightery, And by agile manifesto itself, you know enough about is agile a methodology, and you learnt about what is a scrum in agile and now what are epics in agile, And what are sprints.

what is an epic in agile

Epic can be described as a big piece of work that has one simple objective. It could be a feature, consumer request or profession requirement. In excess, it is a placeholder for a needed feature with several lines of information. It tells compactly about the last amount of user needs. In the start, it may not include all the features that the team wants to work on. These items are defined in User Accounts. An epic normally takes more than one race to finish.

what is a scrum in agile

what is a sprint in agile

Scrum Sprint is a repeatable fixed period-box through which a "Done" result of the most extraordinary possible value is generated. Sprint lies at the essence of the Sprint agile methodology and can be conceived of as an event which covers all other Scrum ceremonies like Daily Scrums, Scrum Review and Sprint Retrospective.


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What is SAFe agile (Safe Agile Framework)

what is safe agile? More information about what is safe agile and how did it start, Let's take a quick look.

What is SAFe agile, or Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)?

Scaled Agile Framework SAFe, It's a freely available online knowledge base that enables you to use lean-agile systems at the enterprise level. It provides a simple, lightweight experience for the software development team. The whole framework is divided into three segments Team, Program and Portfolio. We will see this in detail later on. SAFe allows team for,

  • Implementing Lean-Agile software and systems in enterprise-level
  • It's based on Lean and Agile principles.
  • It gives detailed guidance for work at the enterprise Portfolio, Value Stream, Program, and Team.
  • It's designed to meet the needs of all stakeholders within an organization.

More info about what is SAFe agile

More info about what is safe agile? SAFe was primarily developed in the field and was developed in Dean Leffingwell's books and blog. Version 1.0 is the first official announcement in 2011. The latest version is 4.6, was released in October 2018. It provides guidance to work at enterprise Portfolio, Value Stream, Program, and Team levels.

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