It's important to see this before you start working with any digital marketing agency in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any United arab emirates company!

The digital marketing world isn't so easy. the digital marketing process isn't just about enhancing a brand profile or a social media profile that you can use to deploy social advertising targeted ads. There are so important things that you need to keep in mind and think about to increase your results with the same budget. Digital marketing packages in Dubai are not as costly as they might be in everyone's mind. When you double think about the real earnings from this process and cost (ROI), the investment that you’re planning to spend is worth it.

But keep in mind that you're not competing all alone, and the competitors are also targeting the same customers you're aiming to target, so you need more like a strategic partner than just a social media advertising package.

Social media packages In United Arab Emirates

What are the required services I need to run my business online? this might be a huge deal if you don't know enough about the digital marketing process and its importance, we're giving you - in this post - a brief about the most important digital marketing methods that you might need to thrive, and if you need to learn more you can check out our blog for more, or you can schedule a meeting with an expert (Free Consulting) and don't worry we will help you understand, educate you, and tell you few tips and tricks for your business scale for free!

cost for social media advertising is based on what you want to do, let's say we're having a huge amount of digital marketing methods nowadays and we're looking forward to more methods later.

1. Social media posting.

Social media posting is like being noticed on social media, it's important, it's a huge deal, and it's now a must. you have to be online now for engaging your customers, and for better education for your customers about your services, products, and so on.


  1. Posting on Facebook.
  2. Posting on Instagram.
  3. Posting on LinkedIn.
A Photo showing a social post bu Starbucks middle east

2. Social media advertising.

Advertising is the concept of running ads, you get more reach (people see you on their news feed) even if they're not liking your page or account!


  1. Sponsored ads on Facebook.
  2. Sponsored ads on Instagram
  3. Sponsored ads on Tiktok

3. Search Engine Optimization

It's a bit hard to understand, but we can explain it (being one the first results on the search engines), it's not just happening but you have to make sure you're doing what is right to reach it.

if you want to dig down deep into this subject you can read:

  1. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. The complete guide to SEO Marketing
  3. WordPress SEO and how to improve it
  4. The Complete Guide for off-page SEO



How much is digital marketing cost in Dubai?

How much is digital marketing cost in the united arab emirates for SEO?

Finally, Any reliably reputed agency in Dubai that is supported by sufficient experience will charge you between AED 1000 to AED 10,000 for carrying out your Search engine optimization, and it's depending on the type of your business and how many keywords you care to reach and rank on.

If you want to learn more about SEO and know how it works you can visit these posts:

  1. The complete guide to SEO Marketing
  2. Wordpress SEO and how to improve it
  3. The Complete Guide for off-page SEO

How much is digital marketing cost in the united arab emirates for Social media management and social media advertising?

How much is digital marketing cost in the united arab emirates for Social media management and social media advertising?
social media packages Dubai based, Abu Dhabi, and anywhere in the united arab emirates cost is almost close, If you need to know how much it costs to hire an agency for your Social Media Marketing can cost you between AED 5000 to AED 45,000 depending on the scale and scope of your needs. When you go with an agency affordable like brightery, you can go for a complete digital marketing package that will be anywhere between AED 5,000 to AE 20,000 for small and medium-sized businesses which are most effective for the best results you earn.

How can I avoid scammers?

In every place, every culture, and every business industry you can find some scammers trying to steal from you, and you need to avoid them as possible, but how can you avoid marketers (they're good at selling things)?

1. You will be the best seller by tomorrow night

Marketing and digital marketing are tools, not magic wands, you can't ever trust a person who promises you to be great of all all-time by tomorrow!

It's not real, it's a lie, and you can't be great because you started to advertise your business; marketing is such an important part of business development and it's essential now, but it's not magic and it needs time to increase the curve of your sales.

2. You're great as you are, Don't change

If the marketing agency or person you're contracting with trying to convince you that you're good like you are without even making experiments on your brand name, or a SWOT analysis of your business, don't trust them.

Every business has some flows, then you need to indicate these flows and search your business strengths before getting started.

3. I know it all

If the marketing guy or agency trying to convince you that he knows the secrets and backdoors that no one else knows, he knows how to make u boost sales, and make you rich. why didn't he create a business like yours instead of working with you?

Marketing is science, all we do that we think, develop a strategy, put action plans, and read the market (market research) to understand more about what to do, but we don't actually read the future.

4. Contact brightery

Or you can choose the easy way to contact us instead, we help your business, help you understand more, and we're looking for good partners like you reading threads like this to understand what is marketing and how can you be good at it.



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