Did you hear about QR code for restaurant menu? in this post we're going to help you with restaurant qr code, How it works to order with qr code and what is the best qr code menu.

Pros and cons of QR code for restaurant menu, and which is best?

After the epidemic of COVID19, everything became harder, but you know what became easier? restaurants menus and food ordering process. HOW? 

Virtual Menu ( QR CODE MENU )

Virtual Menu, QR CODE Menu, and even E-Menu are different names for the same thing, did you ever think about making an order with QR code to help your customers make their orders in your restaurant? Well, Let's see how it works?

  1. A customer scans a QR CODE.
  2. Your Menu appears.
  3. They choose their order.
  4. You receive the order.

Why should you get a QR Code for your menu?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has now expanded across the whole earth planet and the recovery of the hospitality industry will possibly take a while. It is now clear that coronavirus can spread by touching infected surfaces. This puts companies and businesses such as your restaurant in the spot as the most maximum of the surface is shared by many people daily. While cleaning tables, chairs, and bars a great start, there is still one question that somebody needs and shares; restaurant menus. So how can you reduce the sharing of physical menus among clients? The solution is easy, replace the menu with a vMenu!!

But What does a vMenu give you an advantage? or any QR code for restaurant menu?

Save on printing costs

A Small change can cost you in the printing side, Change a price on your menu and you're going to change all menus because you have to pay the designer (Again) to change your rates, Then send them for printing that will cost you more.

Sometimes, liquids spill on a menu or sauces spread all over the menu cover. but vMenu and QR code menu couldn't do the same.

No Touches or virus spread

Keep your customers safe, using vMenu for your menu will limit cross-contamination from the touching and sharing of physical menus. And according to WHO guideline to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by objects. A survey by Dataessential also shows that about 65% of restaurant customers will accept no physical menus as a fresh rule.

Keep your staff safe!

It’s not just the consumers you must take care of, also your staff members are also at danger of getting affected as they serve dine-in consumers. By joining a vMenu and adding QR code for restaurant menu on the table or the wall where it’s quickly scannable by your clients, your staff members no extended have to hand in physical menus and describe the specials.

Easy To Update

How many times have you sold out a meal or no longer offer some dishes that remain printed on menus? We recognise it’s time-consuming and costly to keep renewing your menu.

More Data, And Details

Attract attention with images, Videos, and easier social media links.

What can you add on your menu? you're sticking to your item design, a small length of words, but what if you can add photos, so many photos for each item, you can add videos, social media links?


You've learnt a lot about vMenu now and order with QR code, but what are the differences between QR code menu and vMenu?

Silly concept QR CODE Menus

Now, There are a lot of new companies working on the same technology or QR Code menu and developing it, but how can you see the difference between a Silly concept virtual menu and successful vMenu?

A PDF downloader

first QR code for restaurant menu is to scan a QR code to get a file of PDF downloaded to your device, and you can find the attached file as PDF file saved to your phone device.


  • Staff still need to contact the customer to take the order.
  • It's going to end up with you loading tons of PDF menus on your phone storage.
  • You won't order through a PDF.

A Static Webpage PDF

It's opening a PDF on a webpage, so you can preview it, with no download, and that's better than the first case but you would still have to:


  • Staff still need to contact the customer to take the order.
  • You won't order through a PDF.

Most Effective QR CODE MENU

Is there's any good way to get an effective and fully functional QR code for restaurant menu? Yes, What is it? 

vMenu has too many features that you won't imagine it's available. let's take a look:

  1. Scanned by QR Code.
  2. Responsive and fits all devices and screens.
  3. Allow customer to see and order through your portal.
  4. You Recieve the order.
  5. Customer can leave you their information.

That's why vMenu is the top and the leading QR code menu, what else?

If you're using Eatery (POS & Restaurant management system) your customer's orders is received right to your POS and your kitchen, Reports is appearing how many customers used vMenu, and how was their usage. and more.


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