The best creative advertising campaign for several brands with superheroes and supervillains. Hugh jackman in wolverine, the actor of iron man, the joker in batman and much more of creative in advertising.

The best of creative advertising designs for several brands.

The most creative advertising designs you can see, this combination and special creative in advertising, It's such amazing posters for several superheroes and well-known brand names. Let's take a look at the creative advertising designs.

Creative and ideal

From the creative minds, you get an ultimate path for creativity and funny advertising campaigns at the same time, In this post (which is totally visuals post) you're going to meet one of the best combinations of creative designs made a high marketing target and special idea.

It's one of the best, creations for superheros, Super villians and creative ideas to make an ad poster, or creative, What are you waiting for? Let's get started:

Hugh jackman in wolverine & Lays

From the X-Men Movies by Sony and Marvel Comics, Hugh jackman in wolverine and Lays creative advertising with "Betcha can't eat just one!". It's amazing poster containing the best idea from a designer showing a superhero such as Hugh Jackman in Wolverine cuts out Chips.

Hugh jackman in wolverine and Lays creative advertising with "Betcha can't eat just one!". 

Superman and Jockey

The Well-Known Superman Creative advertising with "It's So Good", And "You Would Want to be seen in it". I prefer Nike but it still worth it.

Superman Creative advertising with "It's So Good", And "You Would Want to be seen in it".

Darth Vader and McDonald's Black Burgers

Star Wars Darth Vader and McDonald's Black Burgers, with "I'm Your Burger". Everyone watched the Star Wars Movies, And Darth Vader is one of the most known characters in the movie, Well, Now he's eating burgers from McDonald's.

Darth Vader and McDonald's Black Burgers, with "I'm Your Burger". 

Colgate and joker in batman

joker in batman, DC Comic books, DC Movies, And Cartoons are containing the Character Joker, It's special and well-known Villian that everyone had a memory with, DC is going to release a new Joker Standalone movie but, Colgate and joker in batman Creative advertising design is worthy too.

Colgate and joker in batman Creative advertising design. 

Dumbledore and the Vanished Table

Dumbledore, Do you know him? He's a wizzard "Harry" :D, Professor Dumbledore and the vanished table trick are powered by Glassex, Remember... It's magic!

Dumbledore and the vanished table

Hulk and KitKat

Marvel's Superhero ( Mark Ruffalo is currently acting ) The Hulk, The Great Green smashing tool should take a break and should take a KitKat. Hulk And KitKat, Have a break and have KitKat

Hulk And KitKat, Have a break and have KitKat

Carlsberg & green lantern

The Well Known Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds) from DC Comics and movies with Calsberg is taking a stand. Did you love lemon?

Calsberg and green lantern

Thor and black & Decker

Thor the mighty hero, The God of thunder and king of Asgard, with the Miljoner thor's hammer and black & decker advertising poster. Get the Right tools for the right job.

Actor of iron man and Gillette

RIP Iron man, ( Robert John Downey Jr. ) the actor of iron man ( AKA: Tony Stark) Advertising the Gillette Fusion Proglide, Now we know the secret of his beard cut.

actor of iron man Tony Stark ( Robert John Downey Jr. ) and Gillette Fusion Proglide

This isn't it, It was just Part One from another amazing series of posts about the superheroes and supervillains advertising Commercial Products. Catch you next time, Don't forget to share the post with others, leave us a comment in the comment box.


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