What do software companies do to create software applications, And what are software creator processes and software development life cycle is? All that you need to learn and know about companies producing software as a service and software solution in this post.

Tips of How to choose software companies providing software as a service

Everybody's problem, how could you choose a software company from software companies available to start your project with, And how can you find a software creator creating software applications.


What do software companies provide?

A software company is a company selling different types of software, apps, and websites. For example Brightery. Also, software companies transform customer's ideas toward cloud-based web applications and mobile applications.

software companies are offering software as a service and giving it away for different ratings and pricing, So you can start your project and create your software with a little help of an expert software company.

Software Applications

The software applications or even software application is a type of software designed to perform a number of operations and functions, tasks, or activities for the benefit of both the user or the end-user.

Software Applications definition

A software application is a term that is used for software created for a specific purpose. It is commonly a program or combination of programs used by end-users. It's called an application or you can also simply call it an app.

The software is developed for helping the user to perform a specific task or tasks is called application software.

Software Development life cycle ( SDLC )

The software development life cycle ( SDLC ) considered as a framework defining jobs performed at every step in the software development method. The software development life cycle ( SDLC ) was structured and followed by a whole development team within the software company. It consists of detailed plans explaining how to grow, manage and replace particular software. The software development life cycle ( SDLC ) defines a methodology for developing the condition of the software and the overall development process.

The software improvement and development life cycle are also known as the software development process.

What do software companies do to create software applications, And what are software creator processes and software development life cycle is? All that you need to learn and know about companies producing software as a service and software solution in this post.

Software Development life cycle ( SDLC ) Activities

The software development life cycle ( SDLC ) and software companies making these activities for creating software applications:

1. Software Planning:

One of the most important parts of software development for all software companies, requirement collection or requirement analysis is usually made by the most skillful and qualified software engineers in the company. After the requirements are collected from the client, a field report is created in which the scope of the project is planned and documented.

2. Software Implementation:

A software engineer starts writing the code according to the client's requirements. And this is a whole teamwork operation.

3. Software Testing:

This is the process of finding bugs or glitches in the developed software.

4. Software Documentation:

Every step in the project is documented for future reference and for the improvement of the software in the development process. The design documentation may include writing the application programming interface (API).

5. Deployment:

The software is deployed after it has been approved for launch.

6. Software Maintaining:

Software maintenance is done for future reference. Software improvement and new requirements (change requests) can take longer than the time needed to create the initial development of the software.

Development Models

There are many types of software development models followed by various organizations providing software as a service:

Waterfall Model

Waterfall Model

This model includes finishing each phase completely before starting the next one. While each stage is completed successfully, it is examined to see if the project is on the route and whether it is possible to continue.

V-Shaped Model

V-Shaped Model

That model concentrates on the performance of processes in a constant manner, alike to the waterfall model but with more attention placed on testing cases. Testing methods are written even before the start of the writing code. A system plan is made before starting the development phase.

Incremental Model

Incremental Model

This life cycle model includes multiple development cycles. The cycles are split up into shorter iterations. These iterations can be easily maintained and go for a set of phases including requirements, design, implementation, and testing cases. An effective working version of the software is provided during the first iteration, so working software is produced early in the development process.

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