What are the website maintenance services a firm can provide you?


The Monthly Website Maintenance Plan

With a monthly action plan dedicated to maintaining on-site stability, you can ensure that your domain remains bug-free and up-to-date. Regular site maintenance is essential for sustainable performance and is heavily recommended for eCommerce websites and digital publishing platforms that are consistently updating their products and articles on the backend. Our monthly digital marketing maintenance services for your website include (but are not limited to):

Image Addition and Modification

A good image can help you sell your product. We can add and optimize images as needed for eCommerce brands that need continuous product updates with new images so that every product page is designed to convert.

Content and link updates

Your content and providing link strategy are crucial parts of your SEO efforts, but they can be difficult to manage as your site grows. To avoid 404 error pages, we'll make sure that proper links back and updates are always in place, allowing search engines to trust us and providing visitors with a smooth user experience.

General Technical Assistance

Do you have a question about your website? We're here to help, with dependable, on-demand technical support for everything from adding new pages and content to updating existing forms and layouts.

Backups of websites

Backups of your website regularly protect your company from data loss resulting from human error, updates, hacks, and other major breakdowns. With backup protection managed effectively by our website support team, you can rest assured that your data and website are safe.

Support and routine updates

Theme and plugin updates are required to keep your website running, but they can be a major pain if done incorrectly. We'll keep things moving along with critical behind-the-scenes updates that won't disrupt your daily site processes. Because most businesses use WordPress as their CMS, we provide dedicated WordPress maintenance services such as WordPress website maintenance, upgrades, confidentiality, and support. Get expert oversight of all your WordPress plugins and core features, as well as as-needed security patches, to ensure your site is always accessible to users.

  1. Additional Website Management and Support Services:
  2. Website hosting support and maintenance.
  3. back-end eCommerce maintenance that is scheduled
  4. Maintenance of web design and coding
  5. Speed and optimization
  6. New tools, integrations, and APIs are available.
  7. Site improvements in general

Do you require something else? Any additional web design or site maintenance projects are quoted on an individual basis and must be approved by our programming team before any modifications are implemented. This ensures that changes integrate seamlessly with your website and do not cause any potential conflicts in the long run. Our job is to ensure that you have a solid platform from which to launch your online marketing activities, as well as website support services that provide you with the dependability you require to succeed online.

Why Does Your Business Need a Website Maintenance Tech?

Having a trustworthy partner can make all the difference in maintaining your website operations on track, whether it's WordPress website maintenance or ongoing support for another CMS. Among the numerous advantages of hiring Brightery for website maintenance services are:

  1. improved website security.
  2. Regular backups and updates
  3. Optimization and content updates
  4. Improved on-site user experiences
  5. Beneficial website enhancements
  6. Assurance of Compatibility
  7. Maintenance cost savings

Running a business is difficult enough without having to worry about website maintenance. Allow our experienced web support and programming team to handle maintenance for you, freeing up your time and budget for more important projects. Begin Working with a Professional Website Support Company Today to Improve Your SEO. Google, Bing, and other search engines prefer to see multiple changes to the pages on your domain. It shows them that your website is monitored closely and that you are making efforts to maintain a certain level of healthcare technology. The best, fastest pages are indexed quickly and return faster results, implying that routine maintenance may be the deciding factor between you and that coveted first-page spot. We are SEO experts who also understand all the different facets of website maintenance and development. Get in touch right away to discover a team of experts ready to make immediate improvements to your website and your SEO performance.

FAQs for Website Maintenance

1. What exactly is website maintenance?

Website maintenance is any activity that is dedicated to monitoring and updating the performance of your website. This includes technical improvements such as security updates and updates to content and plugins, as well as small but significant changes that help visitors have a better onsite experience.

2. What is the significance of website maintenance?

Your company runs the risk of data loss, website outages, and other extremely expensive mistakes if you don't maintain your website. Regular maintenance allows you to stay ahead of problems by putting protection and stopgaps in place so you always know your site is secure. It is also an essential component of any company's digital marketing and SEO efforts.

3. How often should websites be updated?

It is suggested that backups and plugin updates be performed once a month on websites. This way, you never have to worry about your site being out of date on the back end or beginning to lose all of your current content and data.

4. What is the distinction between website maintenance and website support?

Website maintenance is useful for prevention, intending to prevent problems from occurring. Site support, on the other hand, is designed to address issues as they arise. They're two sides of the same coin because you need both to keep your website running smoothly.

5. What is the difference between hosting support and website maintenance?

Consider your website's host to be the digital land on which it exists, and your website to be its digital storefront. If either fails, your site will be unreachable to users, which is why you need solid support for any website hosting issues, in addition to monthly website maintenance.

6. For which CMS do you provide maintenance?

The majority of our clients come to us for WordPress website maintenance, but we also offer Online store and Magento maintenance. If your company uses another CMS, please directly contact us to discuss.

Work with brightery

With Brightery's website maintenance services, you'll always know your site is in good hands. We can handle everything related to web maintenance, security, and performance for your business as a qualified website support company, with monthly plans that ensure you get just the right level of oversight.

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