Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting defined as the service that allows enterprises and individuals to upload a website or web page and make it live on the Internet.

Host, or web hosting service provider, is a company that provides the technologies and services needed for the websites or web pages to be viewed and visited on the Internet. Websites are hosted, on more advanced computers called servers.

What is server

Server is more advanced computer built to host websites and connected to internet. Unlike the other computers, Those computers was rented from hosting service providers to website builders around the world. When Internet users want to visit your website, They usually type your website address or domain name using their own browser. That's what happened when they visit a web page.

domain name

Domain name

Domain name is a must for purchasing or renting a server or cloud hosting, If you do not have a domain, the hosting provider will help you purchase one.

What does hosting provider gives you?

There's some main features that hosting company used to give their own customers and it's mainly used.



The database is defined as organized collection of data, generally stored and accessed electronically from a computer system. Databases are more complex they are often developed using formal design and modeling techniques. Such as:

  • mySQL
  • MongoDB
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle

Email Accounts

Most hosting providers require users to have their own Domain Name as mentioned. With your domain name (For Example. www.mywebsite.com) and email account features provided by your host, you can create domain email accounts (for Example. [email protected]).


You pay your hosting rent monthly or even yearly according to your data transfer capacity, Host provider gives you the ability of uploading, Downloading and managing your files through The use of FTP lets you upload files from your local computer to your web server.

Additional features they sometime gives you

Content Management System Support

Content management system (CMS) Is a piece of software that allows multiple users in a collaborative environment. so can define it as a piece of software that Allows multiple operations such as creating, editing, organizing, and publishing content. Most of the Content management systems (CMS) across the web having so similar key features such as:

  1. Web-based publishing.
  2. format management.
  3. history editing and version control.
  4. indexing.
  5. Search Algorithm.

If you want to learn more about Content management systems you can visit:

What is content management system (CMS)

Host provider companies

If you want to learn more about hosting companies and which you can deal with you can visit this post:

The best Hosting company you can deal with?

We also recommend this company for you:

Gazin host logo

Gazin Networks

Gazin host is one of the best hosting companies and partners of brightery, We always recommend this company because of it's pricing to their actual service they give you. Gazin is one of the best companies renting servers and providing cloud hosting services.

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