what is marketing automation and what is the best tools for marketing automation? how can your email marketing automation or marketing automation for eCommerce, Learn all about marketing automation what is and how to use for your business.

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What is marketing automation and tools for marketing automation, In this post, we're going to learn marketing automation what is and how to start it, with examples.

what is marketing automation and what is the best tools for marketing automation? how can your email marketing automation or marketing automation for eCommerce, Learn all about marketing automation what is and how to use for your business.

What is Marketing Automation

When we define the marketing automation what is and how can a small business, medium, or large business use it, we need to understand marketing itself, And you can learn more about online marketing And how to use digital marketing in your marketing plan.

Marketing automation is referring to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online and automate repetitive tasks.

In other words, if you learning what is marketing automation you need to imagine a repeated type of marketing done by itself!

Marketing Automation Examples.

Now, You've learnt enough about marketing automation what is and how does it work, but you still might need an example, let's see two different examples for Marketing automation and some tools for marketing automation, Shall we?

Email Marketing Automation

Email Marketing Automation is one of the close examples to marketing automation, How does email marketing automation work?

Email marketing automation is that type of automation that automatically happens on a trigger or such event, We can explain this according to some tool brightery created it's Brightery Mass Mailer, Brightery Created two different types of tools for marketing automation Brightery Mass Mailer V 1.0 And EMail Reindeer.

In this section, we're going to discuss EMail Reindeer and this will lead us to what is email marketing automation.

You can Easily Create Campaigns, these campaigns run on command, or scheduled to one or more than one list of your email marketing lists, you can also create triggers and events, these triggers run on the command you're scheduled before, For example:

How do you want to trigger your automation?

  1. Immediately or on a specific date
  2. Weekly recurring
  3. Monthly recurring
  4. Event-based: list subscription
  5. Event-based: list unsubscription
  6. Event-based: custom list/subscriber events (For example subscriber's birthday, list creation,...)
  7. Custom criteria
  8. API call

Are you Interested in Getting Brightery Mass Mailer V 1.0 or EMail Reindeer? You can get Brightery Mass Mailer now for only $20 instead of $30, And Pre-Order Email Reindeer for only $60 instead of $200!!

Marketing Automation for eCommerce

On the other hand, You can learn more about marketing automation for eCommerce when you really realize that you need to, How does it work for automating eCommerce?

Creating an eCommerce website isn't everything you really need, it's a part of the selling game, to explain what i mean:

You've created a new branch for your business, rented a location, designed it well, brought your goods and hired people to run the business, and ... nothing!

no one ever came to your place, because no one knew what are you selling or where is that place. Around this world tons of people are waiting for your business, they just don't know you're out there!

Marketing is the process that makes someone know what are you selling, but what about getting them back again? It's when you create more campaigns to your current users and potential customers to push them for making a purchase. And this is the right time for marketing automation for eCommerce.

There are so many things can help you out with automating your eCommerce marketing process, Such as:

  1. Email Marketing campaigns that work on sale, discount, ...etc.
  2. Promo codes campaign
  3. SMS Campaign.
  4. Browser Notification
  5. Etc.




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