Why Keywords in SEO Is important: A Beginner’s Guide

Why Keywords in SEO Is important

Hi, This is the Beginner’s Guide for SEO, Keyword usage and why Keywords is important in SEO. If you're looking for more traffic, organic traffic and for your custom audience you're targeting already?

Page Start

When you start blogging, creating website of even landing page. You should keep in mind the importance of keywords. This guide for a beginner who want to understand the most fundamental concept of SEO and keywords.

Let’s get started

If you started a blog on your website, you probably noticed that 95% of your orgainc traffic is visting from 5% of your posts. Let's say, you are might getting a maximum amount of search engine traffic from a few unique posts you've made.

The question is: why those posts are getting so much traffic? Well, the answer is you've done something right even if you don't what is it.

Page rank

Let's get the theory from the beginning, When people need to know more about something they just open up the Search engine and search for something. Then, When you rank on the first page you got high volumes of traffic easily.

And that drives us to: Who is the one ranking your content?

How to make my content rank

Let's say, it's a thing and this is what we call algorithm which can handle and record all of your content and understand it easily.

First we should understand (Ranking), And in this context we mean appearing in the search engine results page (SERP).

How can i know the keywords i'm ranking for?

SEMrush is a tool to help you get more information about your website data and keywords status. What keywords you're standing for and ranking on.

Why SSL Certificate Is Important For Your Company Website

Here is an example from one of my popular blogs:

Keywords in SEO - Here is an example from one of my popular blogs

Now let's explain the snapshot we just tool and try to understand it.

  1. Keyword: It's the phrase could be 1, 2, 3 or even 4 words you're using to rank and take the traffic from searching about it.
  2. Pos.: It's the ranking in google search (i.e. position). to rank in the first page you should be (1 -10).
  3. Volume: This is the traffic you may gain for this keyword you're targeting per month

Keyword types

  1. Short Tail Keyword: keywords that are from 1 to 3 words.

    • Make money blogging, lose weight, gain weight
  2. Long Tail Keyword: specific keyword that are usually 3 words or longer.

    • How to make money from blogging, How to get professional email from gazin, How to lose belly fat in 8 weeks

Note: words and phrases qualify as “keyword” when they have a considerable amount of searches (volume) in a month.

Long tail keyword are more profitable, as you will get more targeted audience and traffic and more chance for ranking on the first page are higher.

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