The most worthy question you might ask, Why should I create a website for my local business in 2019? And why you have to find a website development company or website design company to pay more money for? And does this worth it?

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What is a local business?

Any company/store or else, that provides goods or services to a local city or country is considered a local business. But why should a local business have its website and pay for another website development company or website design company money?

The answer for this question should contain multi-answers.

Market share

Market Share

It's the percentage of an industry, or a market's total sales during a period, that is earned by a particular company. The market share is also calculated by taking the company's sales over a period and dividing it by the total sales of the whole industry over the same period. This is the metric used to give a specific idea of the size of a company concerning its market and over its competitors.

Let me guess, Do you want to make your sales increased?

The answer to this question going to be, Yes, of course, I want to increase my sales. But what if I told you that you can't for those reasons as a local business.

Hurdles against your goals

Well, You can't increase your sales because your customers who knew you before could just leave the town, go for someone else who gives offers, etc... while your competitors making more money and stealing from your market share. you're doing nothing.

Why should a local business create a website in 2019?

There's about 40% of small & local businesses around the world do not have a website in 2019. at the same time, 72% of customers trust the Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations.

What is the benefits for local business to build a website in 2019?

More views by search engines.

People around the world already know the large chains, How can your business compete for a large chain? to compete with large chains, you need to show up in local search results before them. If your local business isn’t online and relies on word of the tongue or traditional advertising (offline advertising) to attract new customers, You're going to lose a large scale of customers.

Digital Marketing

First, you need a foundation for your digital marketing strategy, And the website is the foundation for your digital marketing strategy. Simply, It’s where customers go to find enough information about your business, products, services, and quality.

Social media profile is important while creating a Facebook business page, LinkedIn company page, Twitter business account, or Instagram business page for your business is such a great idea, but social media alone is not enough. If you only rely on third-party platforms (like social media channels) to build your online presence, it becomes harder to control your brand’s visibility online or making ads with enough analytics and feedback.

Showcase Your Products and Services

Sell things no one knows what it is, And you find out that no one buys it. Building your showcase for products and services clarifying what do you serve, give or sell is the most important part. It's creating two opportunities:

  • Customers will find your products or services online and purchase them.
  • Customers will find your products or services online and then visit your store.

Collect Customer Information

Your ability for collecting your audience information is way better than using 3rd party platforms, A business website is a good environment platform for learning more about your audience, and potential audience. It opens an opportunity to collect enough information about your customers and then make your interactions to their preferences.



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