13 Dangerous Impact of Broken Links on Business and How Brightery a Website Design Company in New Jersey Can Fix Them In 2024

In this blog post, we will explore the detrimental effects of broken links or missing pages on a business, highlighting the negative consequences such as decreased credibility, lower conversion rates, and damaged reputation. We will delve into the role of a website design company in New Jersey like Brightery and how they can assist in repairing these damages to the business. By providing insights on the importance of addressing broken links and offering solutions, this blog aims to showcase the significance of a professional web design company in enhancing a business's online presence.

Brightery website design company in New Jersey

Brightery is a reputable website design company in New Jersey. Specialising in web design and development services, Brightery focuses on crafting visually appealing and user-friendly websites for businesses. With a keen understanding of the digital landscape, Brightery offers tailored solutions to enhance online presence and achieve marketing objectives. Their services encompass various aspects of website development, including customization, search engine optimization, and technical troubleshooting such as fixing broken links and missing pages. Brightery's commitment to innovation and client satisfaction makes them a trusted partner for businesses seeking to establish a robust online presence and drive growth in the digital sphere.

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Broken links and missing pages

Broken links are hyperlinks on a website that lead to web pages or resources that no longer exist or cannot be accessed. These links are "broken" because they result in error messages or dead ends when clicked by users, disrupting the seamless navigation experience and hindering access to desired content. Missing pages, on the other hand, are web pages that are supposed to exist within a website's structure but are not found or accessible due to various reasons such as deletion, relocation, or server errors. Both broken links and missing pages negatively impact user experience, credibility, and overall website performance, highlighting the importance of addressing these issues promptly to maintain a functional and reliable online presence.

1. Negative Impact on User Experience:

When users encounter broken links or missing pages on a website, it disrupts their browsing experience and can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. This negative user experience can result in visitors abandoning the site, impacting the overall engagement levels. A website design company in New Jersey like Brightery can conduct a thorough audit of the website to identify and fix broken links promptly. By ensuring a seamless user experience, they can improve user retention and satisfaction. Addressing broken links enhances user experience, increasing the likelihood of visitors staying on the site longer and exploring other pages, ultimately boosting engagement metrics.

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2. Decreased Credibility and Trustworthiness:

Having broken links scattered throughout a website can diminish its credibility in the eyes of visitors. Users may perceive a site with broken links as outdated or poorly maintained, impacting the trustworthiness of the business. A website design company in New Jersey like Brightery can implement strategies to remove broken links and ensure that all pages are functional and up-to-date. This proactive approach helps in maintaining the credibility of the website. By enhancing credibility, businesses can establish trust with their audience, leading to increased brand loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

3. Higher Bounce Rates:

Broken links often result in higher bounce rates, as visitors are more likely to leave the site if they encounter errors while navigating. High bounce rates can negatively impact search engine rankings and overall website performance. Through comprehensive website optimization and link repair services, A website design company in New Jersey like Brightery can help reduce bounce rates by providing a seamless browsing experience for visitors. Lowering bounce rates improves website engagement metrics and signals to search engines that the site is valuable to users, potentially boosting its visibility in search results.

4. Reduced Website Traffic:

Broken links can hinder organic traffic growth as search engines may penalize websites with poor user experiences. This can lead to a decline in overall website traffic and visibility. Brightery as a leading website design company in New Jersey can enhance website visibility by fixing broken links and optimizing content for search engines, attracting more organic traffic and potential customers to the site.

By increasing website traffic, businesses have more opportunities to convert visitors into leads or customers, contributing to overall growth and revenue generation.

5. Poor Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Performance:

Search engines prioritize websites that offer a seamless user experience and relevant content. Broken links can negatively impact SEO performance, leading to lower rankings and decreased organic traffic. Brightery as a leading website design company in New Jerseyspecializes in SEO-friendly web design practices, ensuring that websites are optimized for search engines by resolving issues like broken links and improving site structure. By enhancing SEO performance, businesses can improve their online visibility, attract more organic traffic, and outperform competitors in search engine results pages.

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6. Lost Opportunities for Lead Generation or Sales:

Broken links can disrupt the user journey, causing potential leads or customers to abandon the site before completing a desired action, such as filling out a contact form or making a purchase. Through strategic website design and link optimization, Brightery as a website design company in New Jersey can create clear pathways for lead generation and sales, maximizing conversion opportunities for businesses. By capturing leads and driving sales effectively, businesses can achieve their revenue goals and foster long-term customer relationships.

7. Damaged Reputation and Brand Image:

A website riddled with broken links reflects poorly on the professionalism and reliability of a business. It can tarnish the brand's reputation and deter potential customers from engaging with the company. Brightery as a leading website design company in New Jerseycan revamp a business's online image by eliminating broken links, enhancing website functionality, and presenting a cohesive brand identity that resonates with customers. Improving brand image instills confidence in customers and strengthens brand loyalty, positioning the business as a reputable authority in its industry.

8. Frustration and Dissatisfaction Among Visitors:

Visitors who encounter broken links may experience frustration and dissatisfaction with the website's performance, leading to negative perceptions of the brand and decreased likelihood of returning in the future. By prioritizing user-centric design and seamless navigation, Brightery can minimize visitor frustration by ensuring that all links lead to relevant and accessible content. Enhancing visitor satisfaction fosters positive user experiences, encouraging repeat visits and referrals that drive organic growth for the business.

9. Difficulty in Accessing Important Information:

Broken links can impede users' ability to access critical information on a website, such as product details, contact information, or resources, resulting in missed opportunities for engagement or conversion. Brightery as a website design company in New Jerseycan streamline information architecture and optimize link pathways to ensure that users can easily access essential content without encountering errors or dead ends. Facilitating access to important information enhances user engagement and interaction, guiding visitors towards desired actions that benefit the business.

10. Lower Conversion Rates:

Broken links disrupt the conversion funnel by creating obstacles that prevent users from completing desired actions, leading to lower conversion rates and missed opportunities for revenue generation. Through conversion rate optimization strategies and link remediation, A website design company in New Jersey Like Brightery can enhance the user journey, remove barriers to conversion, and increase conversion rates for businesses. Improving conversion rates translates into tangible business outcomes, such as increased sales, higher ROI on marketing efforts, and sustainable growth over time.

11. Decreased Engagement and Interaction:

When users encounter broken links or missing pages, their engagement with the website diminishes as they navigate away from error-prone areas. This lack of interaction can hinder relationship-building with potential customers. By fostering engaging website experiences through seamless navigation and content accessibility, A website design company in New Jersey Like Brightery can boost user engagement levels and encourage meaningful interactions with visitors. Increasing engagement levels strengthens brand-consumer relationships, fosters trust and loyalty, and drives customer advocacy through positive online experiences.

12. Increased Customer Support Inquiries:

Broken links may prompt confused or frustrated visitors to reach out to customer support for assistance, increasing the workload for support teams and potentially affecting overall customer satisfaction levels. By proactively addressing broken links and enhancing website usability, A website design company in New Jersey Like Brightery can reduce the need for customer support inquiries related to navigation issues, streamlining the user experience. Minimizing customer support inquiries frees up resources for strategic initiatives, improves operational efficiency, and enhances overall customer satisfaction metrics.

13. Lost Opportunities for Cross-Promotion or Internal Linking:

Broken links disrupt internal linking strategies that facilitate cross-promotion of related content or products within a website. This results in missed opportunities to drive traffic to key pages or encourage further exploration by visitors. A website design company in New Jersey Like Brightery can optimize internal linking structures by repairing broken links, creating cohesive content clusters, and promoting cross-promotional opportunities that enhance user engagement and retention. Leveraging cross-promotion and internal linking strategies maximizes website traffic distribution, boosts SEO performance, and encourages users to discover more valuable content within the site ecosystem.


In conclusion, addressing broken links on a website is crucial for maintaining a positive online presence, enhancing user experience, improving SEO performance, and driving business growth. A reputable website design company in New Jersey like Brightery plays a pivotal role in identifying and resolving these issues effectively, enabling businesses to strengthen their digital footprint, build customer trust, and achieve sustainable success in an increasingly competitive online landscape. By investing in professional web design services that prioritize link integrity and user-centric design principles, businesses can unlock their full potential online and capitalize on opportunities for growth and expansion.

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