Have you ever live the nightmare of transfer to new server, it's really so hard to transfer a dozen of files and check every web application if it's still working after transfer the files and databases.

Specially if you're working for a web hosting company, It will be a daily task that will be a hard headache that will never end.

You gonna waste a long time doing that donkey work, and this task one of the most boring tasks ever, let's make it more fun and automated task, so you can have a drink (coffee or tea with mint flavor) until the hard work is done itself.

Do you feel the pain of corrupted files from compressing and decompressing after transfer. That always happen when the servers processors is not enough to do the task, or the files is too big.

You will not feel that pain again, you will only have to run a small shell script that will do all the task for you.

First you have to login the targeted server and create a public key to easily access the other server ssh without prompting the password every time

Second step, create a new file on the /root/ directory with the name trans.sh and put this script 


<25>SERVER="[email protected]:/home"

  echo ""
  echo "Usage: $0 account"
  exit 1 # Exit script after printing help

# Print helpFunction in case parameters are empty
if [ -z "$1" ]
  echo "Account name is empty";
rsync -rt ${SERVER}/$1 /home/

The file content on Github

Now you can run the script by typing the account name as parameter

sh trans.sh accountname

I hope you enjoy the simple script, now we should transfer the database, you can do that though any MySQL client like Navicat or Sqlyog and I'll write a new article of how to transfer databases between tow servers so easily using Shell script like that one or even through client application.

Stay creative, and I would see you next time. 

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Muhammad El-Saeed

About author
Technical writer and software engineer, he's a part of the great Brightery team that have many project on the opensource community

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